My World Ventures Day: 2 FB Messages and 1 Email All In One Day

This is incredible. I was supposed to be at the National Achievers Congress all day today, not doing much work. (Just taking lots of notes)

But I managed to receive 2 Facebook messages and 1 email about the same topic: World Ventures.

Here’s how it went:

A FB msg thanking me for my blogposts about World Ventures

World Ventures

Then another FB msg trying to get me to join WV, not knowing that I blog frequently about WV 😛

World Ventures

And an email from a “polytechnic graduate” concerned about friends joining WV:

World Ventures

This tells me ONE thing:

World Ventures is aggressively recruiting new blood in Singapore. What will we see happen next?


5 thoughts on “My World Ventures Day: 2 FB Messages and 1 Email All In One Day

  1. Indeed I have not read your post too, and i had just quit.
    The price pledge is a flaw. I did a test after joining, luckily I only pay USD20 extra, I appeal with proof but they never reply, the upline say they will escalate, but for what, the system had proven doesn’t work. Their system is also full of flaw. They sell air ticket for Jatayu arilines (search on wikipedia) which had been closed down years ago…this is one of the flaw, i inform the company for a few weeks but changes are not done. I booked for this Jatayu Airline and they gave me a different airline ticket!!! What i feel is that they are not keen in the travel business but only keen in the MLM business.

    The dreamtrips are overpriced in most cases, I could have a lot if I DIY. And they doesn’t seems to put in any effort to the so call dreamtrips package…just a host if more than 20 people book, with a extra party and dinner…no day tour……what dream trip is this!!!

    If the product is so bad and we discount off the products or if the company is actually not interested in the products, what is left?

    It left with the introduce 4 and get membership fees waived scheme and make money. I feel that this is the real things the company is interested in, they are not interested in the travel business and your experience in travel or your feedback. So what do you think this make up to? Is this a pyramid? By law they are not because they have a product so government can’t ban it. So it is for individual to jurdge by yourself.

    However people are in it and happy for different reason, for companion, for dream, for hope, for greed, self illusion…… To each his own. So decide for yourself.

  2. Dear Grace,

    Thank you for the wonderful & detailed write up on the wolf in sheep’s skin(I say skin because that’s how cruel and shameless they are). I myself was lured to a ‘presentation’ by a close friend of mine who was brainwashed by the idea of being able to earn while travelling.

    Being an avid traveller, I was quite intrigue by the idea but when things are too good to be true, it usually is. I hope you don’t mind me sharing my experience.

    The presentation was held at a high end town house with lots of luxurious cars parked outside, giving the impression that the leaders are filthy rich. In my country, this is the common set up for most pyramid scam companies where they lure fresh graduate with high end cars like BMWs and etc.

    Having read & listen to the materials that my friend provided me before hand, i was expecting them to touch on the topics below..
    1) What is the business model
    2) How do they earn money by letting us travel
    3) How do I earn money by travelling
    4) A short tutorial on using their website to book vacations
    5) Short Q&A session

    The reality was
    1) Picture of the owner going on these so called ‘DREAMTRIPS’
    2) How much it cost to join
    3) Recruit 4 friend to waive your monthly fees
    4) Explanation on the structure of ‘recruit to earn’ ( downline & upline pyramid scheme crap)
    5) Membership forms

    I rudely interrupted the presenter while he was preparing to pass the forms out. I asked very bluntly
    1) Is this a pyramid scheme?
    2) Alternative ways of earning aside from recruiting people.
    3) How do i use the website.

    Well his reaction was an expected one. He gets all offended(or at least pretended to be), defensive, and trying to answer by questions with unrelated answers and basically trying to smokescreen everything.

    In the end he couldn’t really answer 1 & 2, trying to brush it off with BS, and when it comes down to using the website, he couldn’t even get pass the login screen, saying that the system was probably down.

    At the end of the so called ‘session’, he gave a short sarcastic speech by saying something like ‘Some people are short-sighted and deserved to be underneath a coconut shell, don’t let them drag you down with them’. Of course I wasn’t going to take it. I basically countered by saying ‘If you all can’t see pass all these lies, you deserved to be get what’s coming to you’. Also told him to meet me outside if he wanted to ‘settle’ it, which he never did.

    In the end I tried to talk some sense into my friend but at that time he was in serious denial, refusing to listen to reason. He was paying a couple of hundred dollars a month, and was forced to recruit new gullible people to join up. Thankfully he recently cut all ties with WV after 2 years & apologised to me.

    I just hope that your blog would be able to reach out to those who are considering to join up & smart enough to google it before deciding. Keep fighting the good fight.


  3. Hi Grace,

    I went to one of WV presentations a few days ago. Registered for it without knowing what it was… I didn’t read your blog either. I saw some young as well as middle aged people at the presentation. Personally, I did not have a good impression of them from the moment I stepped in. Firstly, registration was a huge mess. The staff at the reception actually didn’t have any info of my registration… the attitude was as though I was their staff or subordinate…

    When the presentation started, the speaker would try to get the audience to clap or say things together.. It just wasn’t normal for me and there were just highlights of all the positive things that you can do with WV. Plus the audience would tend to respond positively to the speaker or clap and say some nice stuff in response to the speaker’s questions… But to me, those who actually spoke up (and they did so loudly) are probably members… (it just doesn’t seem normal for a group of people to shout out answers so confidently and loudly when it’s their first time attending the talk or presentation… at least not in Singapore?)

    I couldn’t take it halfway through… and left. Now that I’ve seen your blog, it seems that my decision to leave was correct 🙂 I had attended another online business talk before and the speaker didn’t just point out the pros, he actually told us the cons and explained things in details. The speaker also seemed more genuine as compared to WV… WV presentation just made me feel like I was in a brainwashing session… I saw a number of middle aged people in the audience. What I’m worried is that there are many who will just trust their friends and go into this MLM model. Maybe they will earn if they have enough connections. But personally, I know I will not succeed because I don’t have connections and it isn’t my personality to do MLM…

    I heard that there are presentations almost every day. Perhaps the more tech savvy youths would not be lured into this easily, if they do their research and make their own judgements. I mean, the internet is a great database of information. We should always make use of it to find information for a more balanced judgement. But the older generation may not be as comfortable in doing research online and may just believe what the presentation says…

  4. Dear Grace…I should have read your blog earlier…If only I knew you earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted hundreds. Luckily I did not sell it further. I am reluctant to go for any of their presentations – they are just some crappy speakers – whom I can expect how good they are. There is one lady acting kind of like a boss at Gloria Jeans Plaza Singapura – every other day at Wednesday. Gloria Jeans is their favourite hangout which they patronise – and pay no loyalty for occupying the space to expand their “pyramid”. Trying to reap their own gains – not as if they are trying to help any other downline.
    Well – I shall blame it on my own judgement to have signed up – nobody’s fault – it is just my luck. AND YES!!! WORLD VENTURES IS A SCAM!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing, Candy. I’ll certainly be avoiding Gloria Jeans at PS from now on. LOL.

      If you’ve only recently signed up, there’s a cooling off period so you can get your money back.

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