Lady First SG Season 2 – Episode 1 ‘Slim Down! Shape Up!’

Lady First SG is back for Season 2 and the fact that the show now comes with English subtitles is nothing short of awesome! Catch the show every Tuesday at 8pm on StarHub Ch 111 or 825.

English subtitles rock!

Lady First SG

In this first episode, there are some new faces – skincare specialist Liu Yan, fitness guru Jackson Tan, and Rebecca on the Ladies’ Team.

This episode tackles 5 issues: Belly Fat, Getting that V-shaped face, Slimmer Limbs, Overall weight loss and Weight Maintenance.

~ Belly Fat ~

I was hooked right from the start, as I do have a problem with stubborn belly fat. Vee from the Ladies’ Team managed to lose 6kg in 2 months but her belly fat has come back to haunt her. If you tend to sleep late and often find yourself sitting in front of the computer (oops!), you will not be a stranger to belly fat.

Vee learnt that Miranda Kerr has been drinking coconut oil to help in weight loss, so she brought some for the entire team. Liu Yan commented that coconut oil can aid in increasing one’s metabolic rate but the oil is high in calories!

Bryan recommends sleeping before 11pm. Sleeping late causes problems in your liver’s production of bile, which can lead to fat building up. I personally have read that the golden hours for rest are between 10pm and 2am. And I have found this to be true. These 4 hours are truly crucial, and can be the difference between a well-rested body and one that feels like it didn’t get any rest at all.

Liu Yan recommends a belly mask (La Dèffidose Paris Body Patch) which contains caffeine and fat-burning ingredients. She also used a body sculpting essence (Darphin Paris Nourishing Satin Oil) containing more than 10 essential oils to give Vee a belly massage.

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

Instructions: [Do this yourself or ask a friend for help] Lie down, and pressing down on your belly with your fingers, start from the lower right side of your belly, ‘push’ upwards, then to the left and down. This helps move stool through your large intestine so you don’t get a bloated belly.

I drew these arrows to show you the direction of massage – just follow the intestinal path


*Myth debunked!* Drinking more water reduces bloating. So the “drinking water before bedtime leads to bloating” rumor is unfounded. Drink some water after a massage, even if it’s right before bed.

~ V-shaped Face ~

Cheryl has been on a “5:2 diet” which is essentially 5 days of 1200 calorie intake daily and for 2 days, just 500 calories daily. In 2 months, she lost 2 kg but her period stopped for 3 months. Bryan noted that such diets affect metabolism, and cause menstrual cycles to get messed up. If your menstruation stops for 6 months, you run the risk of becoming sterile!

Cheryl found that it has been hardest to get her face looking slim and Bryan recommends targeting the acupoints for a V-shaped face.

Quchi acupoint:

Lady First SG

Taiyang acupoint – treats puffiness:

Lady First SG

Yingxiang acupoint at ‘wing’ of nose removes excess fat from waist:

Lady First SG

Appetite suppression acupoint – also suppresses sugar cravings:

Lady First SG

V-shaped face acupoint:

Lady First SG


1) Use face massage cream with red sandalwood – restores collagen, removes excess water, promotes blood circulation

2) Gua sha with a red medicinal stone held at an angle of 15 degrees instead of the usual 45 degrees for gua sha on the body. [Just twice a week will do]

~ Toned Limbs ~

Silver had previously done the 90-day Nu Skin ageLOC® TR90 SYSTEM challenge. But her flabby arms remained.

Liu Yan recommended using a “body sculpting bon bon lotion” (StriVectin-TL Tightening Body Cream) for stimulating collagen elasticity.

As if you are wringing a towel dry, massage the person’s arm to loosen the fat cells (1-2 mins) using the Barbie Curves Gloves then grab the arm with both hands and pull from top (pit) to wrist, as if you are trying to lengthen her arm.

Lady First SG

~ Sustainable Weight Loss ~

Kelly has managed to reduce her weight from 52kg to 40kg. To prevent yo-yo weight and gaining back the weight she has lost, Bryan recommends ancient indian yoga techniques / finger yoga.

(1) Ring finger touches the thumb, then press the thumb against the ring finger, then put your hands together. This helps those who have cold hands and feet, metabolic and digestive disorders, or those who have trouble sleeping at night.

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

(2) Press index finger against thumb, middle finger and ring finger touching the thumb, then pull the little finger away. This improves heart function and promotes weight loss.

Lady First SG

(3) The seashell pose improves memory:

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

~ Exercises to do at home ~

Rebecca weighed 76kg at age 17. Her obesity led her then-boyfriend to break up with her. She started skipping dinner and went running. And she lost 26kg in 6 months, but gained 8kg after coming to Singapore.

Jackson asked whether they thought a glass of juice or a glass of coke contained more calories, and the answer was actually juice because it is high in fructose. He recommends eating just two fist-sized fruits a day, e.g. two apples.

To lose 1kg within a week, just cut out 7000 calories. What you can do daily is to cut out 500 calories from food and burn another 500 with exercise.

The first 20mins of any exercise just burns carbohydrates, and only after that does the body burn fat, so exercise for longer durations, and consider anaerobic exercises in which your heart pumps faster and you may sometimes feel out of breath due to the intensity.

Jackson demonstrated 3 out of his arsenal of 9 exercises. These exercises are to be done for 1 min each then followed by a 30sec break. In 13mins, you will complete one set. Do two sets a day.

(1) Lie prone on the ground, quickly lift your hips, hold it, lean your body forwards, then jump forwards, stand up. Repeat.

Lady First SG

(2) With only your bum on the ground, and straight arms and legs, draw circles in the air. If you find this too difficult, bend your knees.

Lady First SG

(3) Jumping lunge with alternating legs. To make this a whole body exercise, have your (straight) arms crossing overhead each time you do a switch. Remember to land on tiptoe, not on your heels!

Lady First SG

Lady First SG


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