Singapore Company Register – Business Owners BEWARE!

Update 19/12/2014: I know many of you have received bills from Data Register regarding payment and interest of 8% for overdue payment. My advice, as always, is to make a police report and disregard the bill. WHO GAVE THEM THE RIGHT to charge 8% interest anyway?! If you have received the letter / email / bill, read this post.


Singapore Company Register

I received this letter in the mail today (9th June 2014) and was quite taken aback by the audacity of this ‘Singapore Company Register’ / Data Register Pte Ltd / FKA Company Register Pte Ltd.

1) Who is the “General Manager” of my company?! Since when did I have a GM?

2) And “Dear Sirs”? Seriously? There is absolutely no dude in my company, yo!

3) I hate it when people issue threats like this one: “if you do not verify the missing information within TWO (2) WEEKS from the date of this notice, your company’s information WILL BE DELETED from the Singapore Company Register database.”


Here’s what their website looks like:

Singapore Company Register website

Apparently, it is a directory site trying to get companies to register with it for S$490 per year (on an annual subscription basis) to get listed on the site (FOR WHAT?!)

The entire setup makes it appear linked to ACRA. And if you miss the disclaimers on the site, too bad for you.

In Nov 2013, The Straits Times published an article warning about this “fake entity”. Read the article here:

Tsk tsk. Why some people do business this way, I know not. Why not do business in a legal, ethical and moral way? I can’t believe ACRA is letting this company continue to send out letters like that.


Update on 17/6/2014: I have been served a letter of demand from Rodyk & Davidson lawyers working on behalf of Data Register, regarding removal of this blogpost and publication of an apology they so kindly drafted for me.

Ms Geraldine Tay from ACRA (Tel: 63253779) has informed me that the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) is now investigating this company. I have made a police report (Case ID F/20140617/2013) and written to the CAD too. Pending the outcome of their thorough investigation, the comments section on this blogpost is closed.

I have also written to Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, Minister Lim Hng Kiang, Mr Patrick Tay and Ms Penny Low (and cc-ed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong).


My letter to the lawyers from Rodyk & Davidson:

Dear Lynette,

I refer to your email dated 16 June 2014, 12:35pm, and in particular, the statement “We are presently taking our client’s instructions on the contents of your various emails and we will respond to you in due course later today.”

It is at present the 17th day of June 2014, and I have yet to hear from you. In this instance, I shall take it to mean that your client and law firm has breached its duty in responding by stated date as promised.

On top of one charge of criminal intimidation I am considering bringing against your client, for a letter dated 05-06-2014, which threatens ‘injury’ to my business if I do not comply with information verification within two weeks, made with intent to cause alarm to me (and other persons the letter has reached), and causing us to register with stated username and password though we are not legally bound to do so, I am considering another charge.

Criminal intimidation
503. Whoever threatens another with any injury to his person, reputation or property, or to the person or reputation of any one in whom that person is interested, with intent to cause alarm to that person, or to cause that person to do any act which he is not legally bound to do, or to omit to do any act which that person is legally entitled to do, as the means of avoiding the execution of such threat, commits criminal intimidation.

That you, through your law firm, have caused me unnecessary distress, loss of income and sleep in awaiting your response on 16 June 2014.

I would advise your firm and client to cease and desist. The matter is now before the courts, the Commercial Affairs Department is investigating, and the Prime Minister, Ministers, and MPs have been duly informed.

Since this is your favorite line, I have to repeat it – “All my rights are expressly reserved”.

[Click here to read the second letter from the lawyers, and my reply]


4 thoughts on “Singapore Company Register – Business Owners BEWARE!

  1. Actually this has been going on for quite some time, and websites like Theonlinecitizen has posted regarding this ‘scam’. I received it too after unknowingly ‘registered’ online. Just ignore, you can lodge a police report or with CASE if they continue to chase for payment

    • WOW! They chase for payment?! I will certainly give them a piece of my mind. This is absolute rubbish. These tactics should not be allowed to continue.

  2. Oh wow. They have the cheek to send you a lawyer’s letter even after using such underhanded means to get data and even EARN money off it? This is preposterous. And yes, I agree and am totally disappointed with ACRA; this nonsense has been going since last year and they are still ‘investigating’. Obviously a scam yet they do nothing. Absurd.

  3. Grace I received 2 letters from this firm and I threw both away which I now regret. I should have made a police report with CAD for misrepresentation. I hope you go to court on this matter & appeal to business owners to support your litigation efforts via crowd funding like Roy Ngerng

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