Lady First SG Season 2 Episode 2: Hairy Nightmares

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Episode 2 is all about hair problems, most of which are exacerbated by our warm and humid climate. How do you get rid of unwanted body hair – DIY or professional hair removal?

This episode tackles issues such as female mustaches, skin inflammation and itching, waxing and hygiene around our bikini area, darkened armpits, and hair loss.

1) Female mustaches

Avoid bleaching or plucking hairs in this area. This “renzhong” area is especially sensitive so don’t do any pimple-squeezing here too!

Silver has many fine hairs growing like a mustache. Liu Yan says threading is helpful as the hairs are pulled from their roots real fast.

lady first sg

The key here is to ensure you wipe all moisture off and keep the area dry before hair removal. Also, use men’s aftershave which can make thick and coarse hair become soft, while soothing irritated skin.

2) Skin inflammation and itching from shaving

Kanny’s skin becomes itchy and develops red bumps after she shaves. Liu Yan’s advice is to not shave too much off, as this damages hair follicles, leading to inflammation. This problem is made worse when you shave various parts using the same tool! It ends up spreading bacteria and inflammation, leading to skin problems. So take note!

Bryan recommends the Clariancy Me Touch. It is suitable for all skin types and hair colors and apparently doesn’t hurt at all. It might feel a little warm but the in-built customized sensor ensures the skin does not get pricked. The device combines intense pulse light (IPL), E-light, RF technology and shaving all in one!

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Hairs should be at least 1mm long before removal.

When shaving, E-light penetrates into the skin to prevent hyperpigmentation. RF technology prevents pimentation and also stimulates collagen production.

On your first use, get a shave. From the second use onward, just activate the E-light. If you happen to be pregnant, breastfeeding or have just undergone surgery, refrain from using this device! Aftercare and sunscreen is important too.

3) Bikini area: waxing and hygiene

Vee used to do DIY hair removal at home for her bikini area (she even tried tweezing!) In this episode, she is whisked off to RUPINI’s spa for professional waxing. There are two kinds of wax – hot wax and hard wax.

Powder is first applied to reduce pain and protect skin. Hot wax might hurt while hard wax causes hair to grow back a little thinner, and is therefore better for the bikini region.

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Long story short, Vee is screaming during the procedure but claims it is worth it at the end. She shares that usually after shaving, there is a little irritation when washing this sensitive region with shower gel. Liu Yan explains that soaps are usually alkaline. Our skin is generally neutral in pH but this particular area is slightly acidic. So if you use an alkaline product, it irritates the skin.

Liu Yan recommends using the right cleanser (Lactacyd White Intimate) – one which reduces hyperpigmentation, restores skin elasticity, and helps keep skin soft and hydrated. On top of being a whitening product, the Lactacyd feminine wash supposedly smells good too.

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When we wear skinny jeans, we run the risk of having trapped moisture mixing with our sweat to produce a bad smell. This is worsened when we are having our period. This scented feminine wash can help to neutralize the bad smells.

*Hair removal tends to remove the stratum corneum too. So if you use a peeling product the day before treatment, your skin barrier is absent and skin gets irritated easily.

*Always cleanse skin before treatment and ensure skin is dry. This will prevent dust and dirt particles from entering hair follicles.

*Aftercare is also extremely important for soothing skin, calming any irritation, and to hydrate and restore skin.

4) Darkened armpits

Lina has darkened skin at her armpits. Whitening deodorants don’t work for her.

Liu Yan recommends cleansing the area and then massaging it.

Massage your armpits as there are many lymph nodes there. Massage can help the skin look better, prevent breasts from sagging and ‘armpit fats’ from forming.

Pull upwards then press…

lady first sg

lady first sg

Apply facial whitening lotion to a cotton pad then place it on your armpits:

lady first sg

Don’t ever use expired whitening products! The whitening lotion recommended contains ingredients like watermelon and mulberry root, and help make melanocytes less active.

*Myth busted! Use potato slices for whitening skin? It’s a myth! The only reason it looks like it works is because there is a little moisture on the potato after you slice it so when your skin absorbs the moisture and appears brighter, you think it has become whiter.

*Apply a moisturizing lotion or cream. A cream with vitamin B12 can help boost metabolism and rejuvenate skin.

5) Hair loss

Kelly used to have little “excess” body hair and almost no eyebrows previously. She was introduced to a method of rubbing the skin with alcohol and tangerine peels to promote hair growth. Bryan gives the thumbs up for tangerine peels but says alcohol is a no-no as it’ll damage follicles.

Because she has been styling her hair a lot recently, Kelly’s hair keeps falling out and she even has a receding hairline issue.

Bryan recommends dried tangerine peel or lemon essential oil which lower DHT levels and promote hair growth. You can add lemon juice to water and just pat it on with a cotton pad.

He explains that after 7 years, hair simply falls out and there is a 3-month “rest period”. During this period, you have to massage your head regularly. If the follicles get clogged, hair will not grow.

In the past, women would comb their hair throughout the day. Now, with wax, we don’t even touch our head, much less massage it.

Use a boxwood comb (which is ISO 9000 certified, and which usually costs about $20).

Empress Dowager Cixi used boxwood combs. A substance found in boxwood helps promote healthy hair growth, and relieves stress-related migraines. Add two to three drops of rosemary oil to a cotton pad and pat gently onto the rounded bristles of the comb. Let the boxwood absorb the rosemary oil.

[The first queen of England used rosemary to enhance hair growth. And Spanish rosemary is apparently the best and purest of all]

Start combing from the top of the head to the back of the neck (Comb for 5 times)

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At the dazhui acupoint, do meridian tapping (tap for 50 times). This can combat poor blood circulation and stress-related hair loss.

lady first sg

At the back of your ears is the fengchi acupoint. Use the handle of the comb to massage it gently.

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* You can use any of your favorite essential oils, such as rosemary, lemongrass, lavender.

Final words of advice

Liu yan: Have a good cleansing routine so you won’t have an issue with smelling bad.

Bryan: Don’t trust rumors. Always try to find the right methods.


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