How NOT to request for a guest post slot

Guest Post

I received an email today from a lady who wants to guest post on my blog. For the uninitiated, people like to guest post on other people’s blogs because you can get readers from that person’s blog and also a backlink when your blog’s url is indicated in the blogpost.

This lady, Flora, has a site with an ranking of over 2 million, which is probably why she’s asking people if she may guest post on their blogs.

guest posting

Learn from her how NOT to request for a guest post slot:

1) Pretend the blogger you are contacting doesn’t have a name. Hi whom ah?

2) Don’t do spell-check, even though your email is a very short one. What is a “gust post”?

3) Don’t use a question mark even when you are asking a question – How about this topic “ Learn the skills to move fearlessly in your business career “.

4) Think people desperately want your article which they have not even read. Even though they have already found your command of the English language questionable. – Note:  I would like to provide the article free of cost with the back link of my website

5) Imagine that people want “unique” content, and not well-written content. – I hereby assure you that I will provide you the unique content. 

6) Make it impossible for people to not send you a reply – Please share your opinion about this. Waiting for your reply.

7) Have your email signature in RED, because you are oh-so-important. 


I am not accepting guest posts for this blog UNLESS you are a blogger I am friends with, and I invite you to do a guest post.

If you’d like me to blog about your website / product / service / article, let’s discuss advertorial rates. 😉