Second Letter from Rodyk & Davidson

Second Letter

My Reponse:

Dear Derek / Lynette,

1. I refer to your letter dated 19th June 2014.

2. You state, in point 2, that it is “inappropriate to engage in correspondence” with me as investigations are underway, but you go on to “engage in correspondence” with me from points 3 to 7. I take it to mean that your statements are contradictory.

3. In the meantime, I wholly deny and refute your plain accusatory statements that whatever I have written in my emails and on my blog (not a website!) are “plainly defamatory in nature”. Please prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that my statements are defamatory. I maintain that they are not.

4. Please note that in my emails, I have made reference to other parties not to justify my actions, but to point out that you have not done your due diligence in checking that certain terms used, such as “fake entity”, did not originate from me, but is from The Straits Times article published on 19 Nov 2013. PLEASE read it here:

5. If as you say, that “Whatever other parties may have done is not relevant to the issue of culpability for (my) own actions”, I maintain that I have every right to quote from an article published in 2013, and which is accessible to all. If you and your client did not take issue with the term “fake entity” used in 2013, accessible till today on a vastly more visible platform than my blog, it means it is firstly, non-defamatory, and secondly, permitted for public consumption on virtual platforms.

6. In my emails, I have not “denied that the statements in (my) website are defamatory” because my instruction to you was to do your due diligence and not to wrongfully accuse me of coming up with the term “fake entity”. It has not been alleged as being “defamatory” in its original source, by you or your client, so I did not feel the need to insult your intelligence by stating the obvious. Was I wrong?

7. I further note that you have blatantly disregarded certain crucial portions of my email dated 17 June 2014, in which I clearly state that your law firm has “caused me unnecessary distress, loss of income and sleep in awaiting your response on 16 June 2014” with regard to your issuance of the statement “We are presently taking our client’s instructions on the contents of your various emails and we will respond to you in due course later today” in an email sent to me on 16 June 2014, 12:35pm. I note that you would be willing to plead guilty to this charge, without even the decency of sending me an apology.

8. Separately, you allege that I have made “various written threats” in my email of 17 June 2014. Those do not constitute threats and your allegation that these constitute threats has no basis in fact or in law.

9. I have no defamatory statements to make about your client here. It is, simply, unfortunate that:

(i) The company is now “facing a total of 104 charges in court” brought against it by ACRA (

(ii) The Commercial Affairs Department has “seized the monies from the company’s bank account” (

(iii) ACRA has seen the need to issue a total of 4 public alerts about Data Register (

10. I have never intended to defame your client, because there was never any need to.

11. All my rights are expressly reserved, including my right to not receive letters of harassment from legal firms. I advise you to cease and desist.

[To read the blogpost that somehow got me the first legal letter, click here]

*Here’s what I advise people to do when they receive those letters / emails / bills -> What To Do…


22 thoughts on “Second Letter from Rodyk & Davidson

  1. My dad received this letter earlier and asked my brother to help. Lucky I saw the letter before they did as per letter instructed as I saw the news few months back. I wanted to take a snapshot of the letter and post in Facebook to warn others of the “scam” but I didn’t have the time. Shortly after this, I saw your post and I was glad that you did the right time. I also saw your post sharing by others in Facebook. I hope no one fell into the trick.

  2. appreciate if someone leave a comment with instruction on
    How to proceed when got the bill with $490.

    I’m a victim. After I saw the news I ignore the bill. Must I need to make a police report?

  3. hi grace now this company has resurfaced and sending reminder to me VIA email 16 dec 14 to pay the $490. i wonder whats the outcome of the charges brought by ACRA and CAD.

    • I think it may take a year before the case gets brought to court. Since ACRA has ALREADY brought MANY charges against the company. The thing is, the CAD is MOVING TOO SLOWLY!

      In any case, let me repeat this again: ignore the bills and reminder emails. The company has NO POWER to de-register any company. They just threaten us into paying up for a service we don’t even use.

      Just make a police report (whether in person or online), then re-direct all the emails from this company to your SPAM folder. Because that’s where it belongs. Really wasting the time of business owners. Cannot wait for this company to be brought to justice.

  4. we have recd for invoices for two companies and subsequently payment reminders can u tell mewhat to write in polce report

  5. Hi Grace,

    Any updates on this matter? Did the lawyer letters continue to come in after your reply?

  6. My brother is facing the same situation… genna harrassment despite refuting their claims since last year … no ending… Notice that Data Register just use standard templates to respond to all their victims, no further emails for a period of time, then follow up with payment harrassment again. ACRA can’t do anything for my bro but advised him to file a police report since CAD is investigating the matter. Police advised us not to pay them. I thought CAD is investigating the matter since last year but no further news to date … what are they doing? It’s so stressful when this case is not closed and this ruse company is still using same gimmick to harrass for payment. I believe there are many victims who can’t stand their mental harrassment and just pay up.

  7. Hi Grace,

    I just received a Final Payment Reminder email from Data Register. I had already made police report earlier on and informed them via email that I did so. But they just continue to send me invoices.
    This time, there is a new point 4 in their email: “Please note that in the event of non-payment within next 14 days, we will refer the collection to a Credit Management company who will follow up on the outstanding sum due, as it will be duly assigned to them for collection. We will then be constrained to claim from you the costs of recovery charged by the Credit Management company as well as interest until settlement of the Invoice , pursuant to the terms and conditions that you had agreed to when you subscribed. We would like to avoid all of these issues for an esteemed organisation like yours as we feel that it may have been a genuine misunderstanding or a misplacement of the Invoice.”

    I check with ACRA about the status of their charges against Data Register but they weren’t able to give me more information as the Court has not pass the verdict yet and it is not likely that they will pass it within the next 14 days.

    Can I check if any others got this final payment reminder? Also any advice as to the course of action that I should take? Do they have the rights to ask debt collectors to collect this unconfirmed debt?

    • Hi,

      Anyone can hire a (licensed) debt collector to collect debts. I’m not sure if this email is purely an empty threat just to scare you into paying up – so don’t quote me on this. I do think you should just insist that a police report has been made and tell the company you have printed out the report to show to any debt collector who shows up, and that you will press charges against the company if they harass you further.

      If they try to scare you, scare them back. 😉

      [Please do not ask me for any further advice as I am not a lawyer, nor an officer from ACRA, nor from the Police. Seek help ONLY from the authorities.]

  8. Hi Grace,

    I have just received a final reminder from this company. I replied to the email and asked them to stop sending me reminder and will report to police if they send again.
    They replied me by sending a tracking number.

    Thank you for sharing, I will make a police report right now.

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