Since receiving the first lawyer’s letter on 16th June, I have not been sleeping well.

With no prior legal training, I have had to scrutinize each letter, go through the jitters, carefully craft a response and anxiously wait to see if there will be a reply.

It is truly tiring.

My gastric issues are back, my skin looks terrible, and I’m definitely sleep-deprived.

It’s hard to sleep when you are wondering if the reply you have just sent to them would somehow be “twisted” into becoming a slanderous statement.

I also have a huge backlog of blogposts, because I wasn’t able to work on them the past couple of days. I very nearly missed the deadline for submitting a (paid) article today. No thanks to certain lawyers.

But I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to:

– Friends who have sent me messages of encouragement

– Strangers who have written to me, and pledging their support

Thank you for your support, guys! I will not be “scared into submission”. Instead, I maintain that what I have written was not at all defamatory, and I stand by every word I have written.

Justice will prevail.