#NoCleanersAtNDP Next Year – You Read It Here First! Dialogue with Minister Grace Fu

Minister Grace Fu

I was invited to attend a focus group discussion on Public Hygiene and Cleanliness, organized by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some truly excellent suggestions surfaced during the discussion.

The one I really like is about having #NoCleanersAtNDP2015. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think sentiments of national pride are at their strongest during the National Day Parade. And citizens who watch the parade and pick up their trash after would remember it for life. This is our home and it is everyone’s responsibility to keep it clean. Also, since it is televised, the whole of Singapore gets to ‘participate’.

We were told that the Ministry will speak with the organizing committee for NDP2015. Something to look forward to! ๐Ÿ™‚

Other ideas include:

1) Volunteer Enforcement Scheme – volunteers should receive adequate training, have attachment opportunities with NEA officers, and undergo character screening before being able to issue warnings and/or fines upon witnessing an act of littering.

2) Just as the Traffic Police stop motorists who display good driving behavior and give them awards, so can the NEA officers who see the public picking up trash voluntarily.

3) Have our public education efforts customized to be relevant to different segments of society, e.g. housewives, transient workers, students, working adults, corporations, etc.

4) Have CCTVs installed in remote areas which are frequent dumping grounds for industrial waste.

5) Have an online platform for submission of pictures and videos of people caught littering.

6) Following in the footsteps of the Pinnacle@Duxton ‘peeing’ incident, let us ‘shame’ litterbugs without showing their faces in photographs being displayed.

I think we should all play our part in not littering, ensuring the people around us do not litter, help pick up and trash the litter we spot, and also ensure that people who come to our country do not dirty it by bringing their littering habits with them. We need to point out to litterbugs (whether they are locals or foreigners) that Singapore is our home – we keep it clean, and we do not allow people to mess up the environment. Our home extends beyond the ‘4 walls’ we live within. The public spaces are our ‘home’ too!

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