CTL Group Pte Ltd: Their Telemarketer Thinks I Am One Of A Kind

I’ve just gotten off the phone with a telemarketer from CTL Group Pte Ltd, which deals in real estate investments in foreign countries. The telemarketer, Juliet, called me and asked if I’d be keen to come by for their talk on Saturday.

Two things she did not do correctly:

(1) Kept insisting that I answer her question of “Is this a good time to speak with you?”

Me: “Yes, Grace speaking. What is this about?”

Her: “Is this a good time to speak with you?”

I’ve already asked her what this is about. If it’s a bad time for her to speak with me, I’d have told her so.

(2) Asked if I’d like to attend their Saturday talk – “an educational investment seminar” – without telling me what her company does, who will be speaking, and WHY I should care about this person who will be speaking.

Me: “You can’t just tell people to take a precious weekend off to come for your talk without telling them who the speaker is and what he/she is known for, right?”

Her: “I guess most people don’t think like you.”

Me: (@_@”’)

Someone please give her an award already… Oh man!

A tip or two for telemarketers:

1) Always state an (enticing) benefit upfront: “Would you be keen on finding out how some property investors consistently make 20% or more on their… (blah blah)? Also, our founder, Ms XXX, will be sharing to an exclusive group of invited guests on how they can accelerate… (blah blah)”

2) Deal with the objections even before they are uttered by the prospect – “I know your time on weekends is precious, that is why we have spared no effort in ensuring that we deliver only the best investment seminar you can find right now. You will not regret… (blah blah)”

Seriously, folks. If your telemarketer does a bad job in making those calls, it does not reflect well on your company.

I have just been moved one step closer to the DNC Registry.


2 thoughts on “CTL Group Pte Ltd: Their Telemarketer Thinks I Am One Of A Kind

  1. These tele marketers think they are super intelligent and that the recipient of the call is distilled idiot. You gave her the right answer.

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