NDP 2014 Funpack – What’s In The Bag? :)

NDP 2014 Funpack

I was invited to the NDP rehearsal (thank you, MINDEF/SAF) and got my first funpack ever! I have never succeeded in balloting for NDP tickets, so thankfully this time round I got invited to go! Another of those perks of being a blogger. πŸ™‚

I love the riot of colors at this year’s NDP! From the volunteer tees to the stage costumes to the funpacks. Our country is celebrating its 49th birthday but it definitely is still as vibrant as these lovely bursts of color.

The funpack IS pretty heavy, and only upon emptying the bag when I got home did I realize why.

There are two bottles of water and two packet drinks, a bun, lots of biscuits, peanuts, and chips. Candy too, in case you scream yourself hoarse! πŸ˜€

Then there’s the visor, clapper, glo sticks, handheld fan, flag, scarf, raincoat, plastic bag, tattoo stickers, badges, discount booklet (which is awesome), wet tissue, face wash, and a fold-your-own-sea-games-mascot sheet. Yup, I think that is it.

I’ll be blogging about the NDP rehearsal in a bit (all info has been embargoed till Wednesday!) but I definitely think watching the parade ‘live’ is WAYYY more interesting than watching the televised version at home. But you know that already. #KeepOnBallotingForTickets