National Council on Problem Gambling ad – Memefied!



[pic source: SGAG’s facebook page]

I got knocked out cold by, well, cold medication last night and did not catch what must have been a really painful match for Brazil’s fans to watch. 7-1? Really?!

I hope the National Council on Problem Gambling doesn’t run similar World Cup ads again as it is, according to one netizen, “more accurate than all the animals add together [sic]”

Netizens are clearly having a field day trying to memefy the NCPG’s ad. Ironically, instead of getting the message that we should “stop problem gambling”, punters seem to be turning to the NCPG for future predictions of match winners. Hmm.

Perhaps, before the next World Cup, the NCPG can say “Waiting for our prediction on winner again? Don’t bet on it!” 😀


I don’t engage in soccer betting as the ball really could go either way. A friend also shared that recently, he was actually winning some money at the start of the World Cup, then he got greedy, and his wins became losses – I didn’t ask him how much.

Yet another friend’s wife says she doesn’t buy 4D at all, though my friend does, and so, she “wins” money every week that she doesn’t bet. A penny saved is a penny gained, as they say.

Well, there is admittedly a thrill, or ‘gambler’s high’ that some people enjoy. I think there is nothing wrong with buying the occasional lottery ticket. By occasional, I mean I buy a lottery ticket once every few months, and don’t spend more than S$10 each time. It is money I can live without and I will not lose sleep over it even if I lose every cent.

Problem gambling can ruin lives and, memes aside, we need to ensure that the people close to us don’t fall into that trap.

To seek help from the National Council on Problem Gambling, head to their website or call 1800-6-668-668. Just don’t ask for any “gambling prediction”, ok? 😛