Lady First SG Episode 6: SOS Quick Fix

This episode is for those times when you need an emergency quick fix for your hair or skin. Experts Wu Yi Lin and Bryan are quick to point out that we do still have to work on our skincare and haircare and cannot make the ‘quick fix’ our daily fix!

1) Candyce : Greasy Hair

Candyce says she uses an oral spray to help her feel calm so her body secretes less oil. The spray purportedly helps you relax and focus too. This Rescue Remedy Spray (get 15% off by following the link at the end of this post) is to be sprayed directly onto the tongue.

For more immediate effects, use dry shampoo. Word of caution: this cannot replace hair-washing!

Yi Lin shared that there are different dry shampoos for pregnant women, women and men – so get the right kind. Those with a spray nozzle to produce fine droplets are best – don’t get the liquid kind which can lead to clogged follicles. Hair thickeners can clog follicles too!

Lady First SG

Part your hair and spray from 10-15cm away, layer by layer. Then attach some hair accessories. Pearl hair accessories are trendy. When using a ‘hair claw’, don’t just clip it on – slide sideways and push upwards.

Lady First SG

2) Lina: Dull-looking Skin

Bryan recommends the Wang San Yang 王三阳 Jasmine Flower Tea. He says you should drink this mindfully; kind of like conscious eating.

Lady First SG

He also recommends using the Nu Skin ageLOC® Galvanic Spa System for 5 minutes, 2 times per week. This device helps in reverse aging, and has different ‘conductor heads’ for slimming, reducing fine lines, etc.

3) Kelly – In Need of a Fuss-free Hairdo

Yi Lin showed us how to just tie 2 braids, give them a twist and secure with a flower hairclip.

Lady First SG

She also mentions that trendy now are hair accessories with pearls and diamonds on them.

4) Celyn – Pimples

Bryan says the special acupoint zhangmen can fight skin irritations and prevent obstetric problems. Pressing this liver meridian nourishes the internal organs. If pressing it hurts, this means the liver is overworked (from late nights or alcohol).

Lady First SG

Yoga-lovers would also be familiar with the tree pose, which activates stem cells and keeps acne under control. Raise your foot as high as possible then raise your arms overhead and say “XU”.

Lady First SG

Once again, drink tea. The ‘shui hsien tea’ (a type of oolong tea) from Fujian, should be consumed before 3pm so it won’t keep you awake at night. Avoid tea after meals; wait half an hour before consumption.

5) Silver – Flaky, Itching and Dry Scalp

Yi Lin recommends a pre-wash scalp treatment (Phytopolléine Botanical Scalp Treatment). Leave for 20mins then rinse it out or go to bed. Use your fingers (not the nails) to press and hold for three seconds on various spots on your scalp.

Lady First SG

Then interlace your fingers, relax and lean back for 3-5 seconds:

Lady First SG

Run your knuckles down the side of your neck, in a ‘guasha’ fashion.

Lady First SG

*Wash your hair even after using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo does not replace regular hair-washing!

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