Punggol Ebi J Prawning: A Lobster, At Last!

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Lobster and prawns

[ Last Month’s Catch; Today’s Lunch ]

Last month, we decided to give Ebi J Prawning a second chance despite the really lousy catch rate the first time we went there. We reached the venue at around 10pm and it was past 1am before we left.

This is what he calls his “surreal moment”:

Ebi J Prawning Punggol

That day, we caught just this one lobster and over 20 prawns. Most of the prawns were not caught using the rod and line. In the 3 hours that we were there, prawns were attracted to our net. It was pretty easy to just dunk them into the net this way. Other people just fished prawns out of the water because the catch rate is really bad still.

The lobsters are pretty small, no doubt. But the thrill of fishing one out of the water is an experience I’m still seeking! 😀


The prawning rates are as follows:

Freshwater Prawning: 1hr S$18, 2hrs $28, 3hrs $33

Saltwater Prawning (with Lobster) : 1hr $20, 2hrs $30, 3hrs $35

Ebi J Prawning Centre

Punggol Marina Country Club

Singapore 829734