Blogger-stalking: Who Is Sherry Ho?

When I won the Luxury City contest last month, someone named ‘Sherry Ho’ left an idiotic comment on the advertiser’s facebook page (which you can read about here), and this month she is back. This time, she has left me three blog comments in a row.

Sherry Ho

Apparently she is both confused and upset.

Confused because she tells me to “stop buying votes” in one comment then in about 18 minutes’ time, tells me to “buy more votes”. I suspect she needs psychiatric help.

I don’t know who gave her the right to be upset about this voting campaign anyway. She’s likely not a blogger. SO it is stupid for her to be commenting.

But I will explain.

(1) It is not new

Bloggers conduct giveaways from time to time to boost the number of page likes, increase the number of followers, help promote an advertiser’s page or product, and also to garner votes for contests.

If “Sherry” is being upset about this, she is obviously not a blogger, or a real newbie.

(2) There is nothing wrong with doing giveaways to get votes

I am a HUGE believer of following ‘WIIFM’ when it comes to dealings with anyone. I don’t ask for a favor from you unless I tell you what’s in it for YOU. Fair?

How can I ask people to vote for my students (it’s a long signup process) without telling them what’s in it for them? And they have to vote every single day till end July!!!

I see absolutely NOTHING WRONG with offering people prizes that my students and I paid for. Please don’t demonstrate your stupidity with such comments.

(3) If it is anyone’s fault, it is the organizer’s fault

The fact that this voting component is involved means the organizer wants as many eyeballs and voters as possible. Coupled with a long voting period, it is OBVIOUS that the organizer wants us to get as many people to vote as possible.

Bloggers can (A) try to mobilize their fan base, (B) set up fake accounts to vote for themselves or (C) get other people to vote for them by offering prizes. Also, they can form an alliance with other bloggers BUT results are not guaranteed.

If Sherry is adamant that votes should not be bought (in which case, I respectfully ask that she donates all pre-election goodies she receives to charity), she should speak with the organizers.

If Luxury City wanted to stop people from buying votes, they should have told contestants to just send in a paragraph or two about how much they love Luxury City. And the best entry wins the prize; no votes needed.

If the Singapore Blog Awards organizers wanted to stop bloggers from garnering votes from fans and yet-to-be-fans, then they should not attribute 30% of the final score to the voting segment!

Who Is Sherry Ho?

I suspect her facebook profile is fake. So I shall not post her pictures here. But check her out if you will:

Thanks to her blogpost comments, I now know her IP address:

[Recording all correspondence for submission to the police as evidence of cyber-stalking]