Lady First Ep 7: Online Shopaholics Unite!

This episode is about Online Shopping and I am surprised that I managed to learn something new. On this episode are gurus Kevin and Keith, with Love, Bonito boss, Rachel. For a list of all the products recommended in this episode, click here.

Lady First SG [Santa Maria Novella Rose Wax Tablets recommended by Kevin]

16 Tips For Online Shopping:

1) Look out for items you cannot readily find in brick-and-mortar stores locally

2) To prevent getting Hayley’s “romper-caught-at-crotch” predicament, always get an outfit slightly bigger than what you’ve measured out so there’s space for movement

3) Don’t buy pants online unless you are confident they will fit

4) Get measurements of something you are comfortable wearing, then use it for online shopping

5) Over-sized items are in style this year

6) If the leggings you have bought are thin, ensure your underwear doesn’t show, especially at the back. Wear a long top!

7) When purchasing shoes, draw an outline of your feet on a piece of paper while barefoot. If your second or third toe is long, then shoes which are rounder at the toes might be uncomfortable. If you have wide feet, those that are narrow at the front might be tight

8) Read the terms and conditions before purchase, especially those regarding shipping costs if doing returns

9) If you buy items over $400 (inc shipping charges), you have to pay 7% GST. To get around this, have the items mailed to you separately

10) Your branded bag (purchased online) needs repair? You can bring it to a local store here. If certified authentic, they will provide you the same after-sales service but at a fee. If it’s a fake though, you’ll get a fine.

11) Be a smart shopper. If something looks too good to be true, beware!

12) Don’t cut off the tags first. Try the clothes on first. If you bought them from USA, you can get an exchange within 3 months if the tags are intact

13) The Santa Maria Novella range of products recommended by Kevin are bestsellers and popular worldwide. Get their eye and lip makeup remover which has an added benefit of not causing any eye irritation even if applied to the insides of your eyelids with a cotton pad!

14) Keep calm. Read all information before making your purchase (Kevin)

15) Be adventurous at times (a tip from Rachel)

16) Do your research, compare prices (Keith)