75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone – ‘Win People Over’ by Karen Leong

{ Book Review }

I do not usually do book reviews. But as my publisher had gotten in touch regarding this new book, I said I’ll review the book if I like it. 😉

Win People Over

I was impressed by the title – “Win People Over: 75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone’ – then found it was not exactly the kind of tips I was expecting. Each ‘tip’ is more like a summary note after each chapter. You just have to read the entire book from cover to cover, and not expect to be able to “pluck” out one tip from the book, apply it in isolation from the rest and have it work for you.

What are some things I learnt from this book?

1) The extent to which people like you and respect you determines how much influence you have over them.

2) I have a bit of a Power Distant character (pg 35), which occasionally causes people to perceive me as being arrogant. Thing is, I do spend time building relationships with people I care about. I’m indeed “competitive”, “go-getter”, “demanding” and “critical” – some not-too-friendly traits of Power Distant folk. Having said that, I’m nice most of the time lah. 😛

[The book grows on you as you get beyond the first few chapters. I could tell the author was slowly getting into the groove of book-writing. I love the examples presented, by the way.]

3) I think everyone should read the 10 tips for making great first impressions (pg 84). And also tweak some of the questions we tend to ask people we don’t really know yet: Instead of “what do you do?”, ask “what do you enjoy about the work you do?”. Also, “how do you manage to keep a work-life balance?” and “how can I help you?”.

4) We have a “word” to describe each person in our social circles. And this word determines how we behave towards the person and therefore, also determines how the person responds too. If you ever find yourself labeling someone as “selfish”, for instance, try changing that word to “misunderstood” and see how things work out.

5) In Part Three of the book, the 5 Cs of Compelling Influence are extremely valuable. You absolutely have to read this segment. 🙂

I can tell that this book is indeed Karen’s ‘labor of love’. What I found missing from a book about connecting with and influencing people is a segment on body language and posture. I thought these are essential. But Karen does present a lot of useful information in this 160-page book and I do highly recommend you read it. 🙂

Retail Price of this book: S$23.54 (online discount here)