Tiger Uncage: Tiger Beer’s Global Brand Repositioning

[Disclaimer: This blog supports responsible drinking and in no way seeks to promote the consumption of alcohol]

I’m no fan of beer, and I happen to think that people who liken beer to horse piss might be right, though of course, I do not also happen to know what horse piss tastes like. 😛 I did find the press release sent over to me pretty interesting. It’s about Tiger beer’s ‘global brand repositioning’.

“In May this year, Singapore’s national icon Tiger Beer underwent the biggest transformation in the brand’s history, where only the world-acclaimed brew remained unchanged. The global brand repositioning, Tiger Uncage, runs counter to traditional beer advertising themes, speaking to young adults in a personal way, to inspire them to realise their potential.

For many young adults in and beyond Singapore, conforming to societal or family expectations and taking safe, well-trodden paths is the only way to go. Tiger is thus portraying itself as a symbol of courage – encouraging people to ‘ignite the Tiger inside’ and take the leap to follow their passions and dreams.”

I was born in the year of the tiger, and I happen to believe in taking the path not traveled, so this is why I’m blogging about Tiger Beer’s campaign.

I like their three (ad) videos.

The first one I watched is about female Tattoo Artist, Joey Pang:

Expectation vs Passion

Often, society (and family) expect certain things from us that if we were to give, would end up making us miserable.

I can understand this thoroughly. My mother wanted me to be a teacher. While respecting her wishes, I was secretly rebellious. Usually ever-punctual, I was late for the interview at MOE, was unapologetic, and didn’t get the job (WOOHOO!!!).

This video has got it right – “Life is about following that fire inside you”, and not about trying to match up to society’s expectations or trying to trod down that path your parents have decided for you.

The 2nd video I watched is about Anthony Chen, acclaimed Film Maker. I watched Ilo Ilo and really hated it. Michelle Chong’s spoof of it on The Noose (the “movie” became ‘Milo Milo’) was wayyy better. Sorry bro. 😀

I love these lines: “So I wrote my own story”, “hearing it can’t be done just pushes me harder”.


At the start of my blogging journey, it was tough. People were quick to tell me that it is not going to be the bed of roses I imagine. And in a Pizza Hut restaurant, a fellow blogger told me point-blank to look around and see for myself; no one in the restaurant knew who I was.

That made me want to prove him wrong.

I’ve been featured on TV, radio, the papers, magazines, even on a Malaysian radio station. And at random events now, I do get people coming up to me to ask if I am Grace from WorkingWithGrace. 😀

Tell me something can’t be done. So I can enjoy that look on your face when I accomplish it. 🙂

The 3rd video is about Charlie Ruedpokanon, a stuntman.

“We all have cages. Mine was a university degree that led to an office cubicle”, “Of course there’s fear. That’s like the most natural feeling you get”, “Everyone has a cage, some just choose not to live in them”.

Freaking inspiring.

I must say I’m impressed by this “global brand repositioning”. Who knew one could create such stories around… beer?