Hair For Hope 2014

Hair For Hope 2014   [Notebooks and Tulips I bought at the event]

I went to Vivocity this afternoon to support my pal, Terence, at the Hair For Hope 2014 event. After deliberating for seven years, he has finally taken the step of making that bald statement. 🙂 I’m not sure when my time will come. Hmm.

Spot the difference:

Hair For Hope 2014

I was definitely surprised at the turnout. The place was just jam-packed with shavees and their supporters. All these people (below) were queuing to get their heads shaved. The atmosphere was amazing. When so many people get together for a good cause, the ‘energy’ in this place is just mind-blowing. Say all you like about the nasty traits of Singaporeans, but there are some people who will take that bold step of showing their support for cancer patients and their plight.

Shavees also help in fund-raising efforts. Terence, through his network of friends, has raised over S$3000 online! If you’d like to contribute, click here:

Hair For Hope 2014

And I was rather surprised that some young ladies actually parted with their long tresses! This girl sat down wearing black-rimmed (nerdy) glasses. Then, before long, her ponytail was in her hands:

Hair For Hope 2014

I’m definitely not ready to take this step. But I’m happy to help out with donations. Perhaps, like Terence, I’ll need 7 years. Haha!

If you’re a Hair For Hope shavee, I salute you. 🙂


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