Ladies, If Someone Impersonates You, Will Your Man Notice?

According to this hilarious ad, no. Your man might not notice at all if someone else who looks like you, dresses like you and smells like you is walking about the house or sleeping on the same bed. Oh dear.

Watch the video and you’ll realize it does start by asking some important questions – “If you bought a new dress, will your husband notice? If you told him about your day, will he still pay attention? If someone impersonates you, can he tell the difference?”

It reminds me of that joke: If you see a guy opening a car door for a girl, it’s one of two things – either the girl is new or the car is new. 😀

When a man gets too comfortable with having you around, he might tend to neglect you and overlook certain things – your new haircut, that new dress you bought, etc.

But Downy is recommending you shake things up by trying their new Parfum Collection range which gives you a new scent each time by just rubbing the fabric of the clothes you have washed with this range. 🙂

Downy Parfum Range

How It Works:

“With Downy’s new Dolce Parfum Collection – Mystique, Passion, Innocence and Happiness – each variant now contains Two Different Perfume Micro Capsules (PMCs) on top of the neat perfume oil in each bottle. The dual ingredients of PMCs deposits on your clothes when you wash them and stay on dry fabric during storage. When clothes are worn, the natural friction of the fabric being touched or rubbed will release bursts of fresh, fragrant experiences. Because there are dual PMCS, your scent keeps evolving slightly every time. It’s as if you’re getting new refreshing scents throughout the day.

With Downy’s scent-switching experience, you just might bypass your vanity table and its tray of perfume bottles. Why spritz when you already smell good just by wearing your clothes?”

I definitely want to test this range and see if it indeed changes scent just like that!

If your marriage is getting stale / boring / predictable, here are 3 simple steps to inject some fun into married life:

1) Wash your clothes with Downy Parfum with Scent Switcher:

Downy Parfum

2) To bring on a new scent, just rub the fabric:

Downy Parfum

3) Give your man a pleasant surprise (And a hug after. LOL)

Downy Parfum

That expression on the men’s faces – Priceless! 😀