Lovin’ The Hot Weather With A New Haircut

I have come to realize that my hair looks good just once a month! It’s every time I head to the salon. LOL! I’m so thankful I had my hair cut before my trip to Perth early this week! It’s a pain trying to get my hair dry after a shower in a bathroom that’s freezing cold. And when shopping is on the itinerary, I do not have time to stick around in the bathroom trying to get my hair dry.

This was ‘before’…

Queen's Cut


Queen's Cut

I’m even thinking of getting my hair cut even shorter! πŸ˜€

The treatment done after the haircut also made my hair silky smooth. If only it’ll stay that way every single day!

When my hair is long, I tend to tie it up in a ponytail but often tie it too tightly, and give myself (actual) headaches after. Now, my head feels ‘lighter’ and there’s no need for ponytails. πŸ˜€

If you’d like a new haircut or treatment to tame your tresses, look for Ada at Queen’s Cut. πŸ™‚

{ Queen’s Cut is located at Far East Plaza, #05-115. Tel: 67375115 }