Want to join World Ventures? Please do.

World Ventures

I wish people would stop emailing me about World Ventures. If you need more information about World Ventures, grab hold of a WV rep and interrogate the fella till the cows come home. I am not paid to respond to any queries about WV, so do not email me, thank you very much.

If you’ve read my blogposts, and STILL need more convincing, then I am 100% convinced you deserve to join World Ventures. Seriously.

Just read my very first post about WV and all the comments. If you STILL insist on joining, go ahead. *shrug*


3 thoughts on “Want to join World Ventures? Please do.

  1. You are quite the stubborn one 😉 Why are you worried about cheap vacations? You clearly do not have an out-of-the-box mindset, which is necessary for anyone who wants to be financially successful. You will still be stuck writing non-paying blogs in 20 years. That’s what happens to stubborn people that don’t know how to open their minds.

  2. Hi Grace,

    Great blog, but i honestly dont know why you are so upset with WorldVenture.
    From what i can see from their website, they seem to do a lot of good by helping people.

    Even as an atheist i have t admit that what they do is a good thing….Correct me if i am wrong

    • This has nothing to do with being an atheist or not. I’m already encouraging people to join. Therefore this post is titled “Want to join World Ventures. Please do.”

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