Dress Made From M&M’S Chocolate Lentils


[From one of my creative craft sessions]

M&M’s are ranked as one of the most unhealthy snacks you can include in your diet (think extra weight gain, as in this article on cnn.com) with a tad too much saturated fat and sugar. But they are so colorful and tempting, and one lentil will lead to another. It’s kinda like snacking on chips.

The good thing about this candy when used in crafts is that it doesn’t melt in your hands. There is a wax-like covering over each M&M shell so it doesn’t get messy easily.

So instead of eating M&M’s, I put together a dress (which only Barbie dolls or the like can wear) 😀 I used fabric glue to stick them on – and thankfully, the dress has not attracted any ants yet. The bodice is made from ribbon.

What do you think? 🙂

M&M'S Dress

I did a giveaway as well – as I’m always sharing the calories with people around me who can afford it. Hehe!

The goodie bag includes a limited edition M&M’S tee PLUS two packs of M&M’S I bought in Perth – in Raspberry and Vanilla Shake flavor! I think these flavors are unavailable in local stores. *wink*

The giveaway attracted 50,688 views (!!!), 2341 shares, 1328 likes and 1428 comments! I’ve also just realized there are some nice 4D numbers right here. 😀

M&M's giveaway

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