SHILLS Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence

SHILLS Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence

I came to know about the SHILLS Mandelic Acid range at a beauty workshop / launch event featuring Xiao Kai Lao Shi (of Lady First fame) and got my hands on the Skin Renew Essence (pictured above). *Note: his was a guest appearance at the launch, and he is not an ambassador for SHILLS.

Beauty Guru Xiao Kai introduced the essence as a must-try product as it can help get rid of whiteheads and blackheads, among its other benefits. He pointed out that people tend to get whiteheads at the (chin) area below the lower lip, and that’s the exact trouble zone for me too!

I’ve used the essence for over a week now and I am convinced that it deserves a permanent spot in my beauty regimen. After just one application (left overnight), my whiteheads in the trouble zone became softer and some could even be washed off.

There is no need for that painful extraction process in facials anymore! Woohoo! I’ll just apply the essence and leave it on overnight before any facial treatment.

The product is, however, very potent and hence, you must use a moisturizer after applying the essence!

The only drawback, for me, is that if I try to use the essence daily, I risk getting breakouts. I don’t usually get pimples so I’m not sure why using this product on consecutive days/nights causes those pimples to appear. 😦

I guess you’ll have to test it out yourself to see if it works for you.


What is Mandelic Acid?

Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) extracted from bitter almonds. Mandelic acid exfoliates and is anti-bacterial, helps purge the skin of dead skin cells, diminishes the appearance of fine lines, and stimulates the skin desquamation process for smoother and brighter skin.

Mandelic acid has been clinically proven to help eliminate hyper-pigmentation as well as acne and oily skin. It has also been shown to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and is suitable for all skin types.


SHILLS Mandelic Acid 20% Skin Renew Essence

Price: $49.90 (30ml)

The SHILLS Mandelic Acid range is available at John Little stores in Singapore.


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  1. I think I should check this out. I need something for those whiteheads on my chin area too!

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