That ‘Littering Incident’ On The Bus. SBS Transit’s Reply to Me…

Sweet Wrapper Incident

Late last month, I was on the way to the airport when I noticed an ‘uncle’ littering on the bus. He was seated just across the aisle from me, and I was sitting right behind the bus driver.

The gist of it: I requested that he pick up the sweet wrapper he had thrown to the ground but he refused. He even had the cheek to call me “kaypoh” before he exited the bus. The bus driver was of no help at all when I told him about the litterbug; he just nonchalantly drove on.

SBS Transit’s reply:

SBS Transit's reply

I sure hope the company gets the message to the Bus Captain. I was *NOT* being ‘kaypoh’. I was ensuring the cleanliness of our environment. The sweet wrapper, due to its previous contents, would likely attract pests, and bus 34 serves passengers heading to and from the airport!

Despite what you may think, Singapore is NOT a clean city. It is a cleaned city. It is cleaned by an army of cleaners and civic-minded folks who pick up the trash that other people leave behind.

Let us all do our part. If you see someone littering, or worse still, defecating in a public place, STOP the person and notify the authorities. Sending pictures to STOMP or any other website does nothing to protect the environment. And last I heard, you won’t even get $50 from STOMP. So take more constructive action! 😉