Kenjo Salon Mucota Color Review

[ Grace: This blogpost is by my guest writer, Kirbie ]

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A BIG thank you to Grace for offering me this opportunity to review the services at Kenjo Salon! My hair is really a boring mess so I jumped at the chance. Grace’s students always get the best perks. 😉 [Grace: I agree 😉 ;)]

Kenjo Salon

Kenjo Salon is located at #04-72 of Plaza Singapura (at the new extension), near Standard Chartered Bank. It’s hard not to notice the salon as its decor is really bright and classy! And I like that I get to choose where I want to be seated and what to drink. Most salons only offer me warm tea, but here at Kenjo Salon I get to choose from a comprehensive list :

a) Organic Tea (Hot)

b) Green Tea (Hot)

c) Black Coffee (Hot)

d) White Coffee (Hot)

e) Milo (Hot)

f) Mocha (Hot)

e) Warm Water

g) Orange juice (cold)

h) Mineral Water (cold)

Next, I was assigned to Joseph, the director stylist of Kenjo Salon. After he attentively found out about my needs, he recommended the Mucota Color + Mucota Treatment for me. He told me that I will definitely love what he chose for me. Boy, do I love confident hair stylists so I decided to take whatever he advised. (side note : I visit hair salons to seek professional hair opinions, so I hate it when I ask for opinions and the stylists give me a color chart and ask me to choose my own colors -_-)

<Treatment Time>

And the treatment begins!

Step 1. Joseph trimmed my hair ends a little to get the “hair shape” out.

Step 2. Next, he chose Mucota ash brown as the base color of my hair and applied it to my entire hair length. Dye was left to set for about an hour.

Step 3. Washing off dye time (which is also the head massage time, wheeee!) Hair was then blown dry.

Step 4. Applying of the bottom pink dye color. To the naked eye, it was a real shocking pink, but the color that the hair absorbed is much more natural. Dye was left to set for about an hour as well.

Step 5. Wash and blow dry again.

Step 6. Another trimming session to ensure the ‘hair shape’ looks perfect.

Step 7 (optional). Joseph tonged my hair for temporary curls, and taught me how I can do the same at home. (A permanent perm can’t be done due to the nature of the pink dye)

<Rating of the treatment:>

Staff rating : 4 / 5

The second shampoo guy was a little rough, so if you do go there pick the skinnier one to wash your hair for you. But the stylist Joseph was superb. I was in awe when he told me he has a whooping 16 years of experience as a hair stylist!

He was also very generous in giving me styling tips, such as letting me know that off-shelf dye products won’t work for me as I have too much hair. (I would need at least twice the amount of products to see any visible effects -_-). And if I want to change my hair parting, I should only do it when my hair is reasonably wet for the effect to stay on. His professional tips will likely stay in my head for a long time.

The other staff there were very friendly and attentive to my needs too, including hanging up my bag for me when I first entered the salon. This may be a small gesture but I really appreciate it, as I have had to “hug” my bag all the way through my hair cut sessions at other salons.

Kenjo Salon

Product rating : 4.5 / 5

Ok you may think I am overly generous with this. But I really love the Mucota Colors!

It doesn’t prick my scalp like other dye products do. I found out that the Mucota color is actually scalp-friendly and contains gentle ingredients that are even beneficial to the scalp. (The same ingredients are found in some hair growth tonics)

And the effects! So many friends praised me for my new hair color after I posted my pictures on Facebook. I am over the moon!

What’s best is that while other similar dyes can only last a maximum of 2 weeks, the trendy Mucota pink color can actually last 6-8 weeks!

I also used the Mucota shampoo and conditioner the day after. I am particular when it comes to shampoo scents but I was quite happy with Mucota’s shampoo. The conditioner had zero smell (O_O) but my hair felt super smooth after! Highly recommended as well!

Conclusion on Kenjo Salon : I highly recommend it, especially if you like Korean hairstyles and want to refresh your look like me. Plus, it’s super near the MRT station.

< 3 interesting facts about Kenjo Salon >

1) There’s free Wi-Fi at the Salon so I end up surfing quite a lot at the Salon. A quick visit to their facebook shows that they are only a few months old but already pretty popular. They have close to 1.5k likes on Facebook and a group of raving fans:

2) The name “Kenjo” doesn’t really have any meaning 😉

3) They are the only salon in Singapore to have the entire range of Mucota products.


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