Review: The all-new LACOSTE L!VE plus a GIVEAWAY

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“The epitome of energy and creativity, the fragrance was created to inspire its wearers to get creative. Blending edgy style and authenticity, this fragrance brings to mind all the new possibilities in life, beyond one’s current lifestyle and experiences to a whole new dimension.

Bottled in an expertly crafted cube, it’s time to get bold and fresh with a new perspective with this new fragrance. Available in September 2014, it’s time to awaken your man’s senses with a new perspective, with LACOSTE L!VE.”

~ My Take ~

The Bottle: The bottle sure looks interesting on any dressing table. But oh my, is it unwieldy! Either my fingers are too short to get a good grip around the bottle, or it seriously is not within the grasp (hur hur) of many. It’s not very user-friendly but I guess it serves one purpose: in making the user give up after one spray, which is more than enough for this long-lasting scent.

The Scent: The top notes are sharp and stinging, but after some time, it becomes a more acceptable scent which grows on you. I think this scent is for someone who likes being the center of attention, who likes making his presence felt wherever he goes, and is always unafraid of speaking his mind. Hmm 😉


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