Carousel’s Award-winning Buffet – At Royal Plaza on Scotts

I had lunch today with my pals at Carousel Buffet at Royal Plaza on Scotts. For the price I paid, I felt it was a really good lunch, though 2 hours seemed like too little time for makan and catching up with my friends. 😀

Here’s the buffet price list (accurate as at 15 Sept 2014)..

Carousel Buffet - Pricing [Source: Carousel’s website]

Menu Description:

Carousel Buffet - Menu Description

I really liked their sashimi, which was really fresh. The prawns and shellfish were good as well. What blew me away was the Black Chicken Ginseng Soup – I’ve never visited a buffet that served Chinese soup. It was nothing short of amazing! After you’ve been eating the sashimi and drinking cold water, that little bowl of hot soup just hits the right spot and make you want to go “Aahhhhh”. 😀

Carousel Buffet - Sashimi

And of course, dessert was flawless. One chocolate fountain might need company. So why not have three of them? 😀 (The middle one tastes the best)

Carousel Buffet - Dessert

They also had what looked like a giant lava cake (which they called chocolate pudding, or something along those lines) with an amazingly chocolately centre, which I paired with their Chocolate Obsession ice cream. It was a nice mix of warm cake and cold ice cream, and lots of chocolate. I died and went to dessert heaven.

I didn’t eat any of the salads or cheese, nor too much seafood. But I really love the selection of Asian cuisine at Carousel. I just DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME!

I’ll definitely be back. For dinner in future. So I can eat for three hours instead of rushing to complete my meal in two. 😀

If you’re heading there, do make a reservation first! The easiest way to do this (the hotline’s really busy) is to head online – to the Carousel Buffet website: