Up Close With An Electric Bike in Singapore :D

I gave my friend, Jiahe, a lunch treat at Carousel yesterday, and he actually cycled to Royal Plaza on Scotts on his electric bike! Here he is, all geared up with cute helmet and anti-UV clothing. I have NEVER seen anyone our age on an electric bike before, and I’ll confess I’ve never ridden one either. SO this is exciting! 😀

Electric Bike Singapore

[You may have seen him modeling in my blogpost about *celio some time back]

He bought the bike for S$888 and cannot stop raving about it. 😀 He also made some cool modifications to the bike, such as adding on a basket and a holder for his handphone so it instantly becomes his vehicle’s GPS system. Smart fella, this one!

I could not resist a photo:

Electric Bike Singapore

There are a number of restrictions from LTA regarding electric bikes. So it’d be good to get familiar with them before making your purchase!

“For the safety of cyclists and other road users, only low-powered models approved by the LTA and affixed with an LTA seal are allowed for use. The electric motor can cut in only when the rider starts to pedal, and it must cut off when the bicycle reaches a speed of 25kmh or when the pedalling stops.

Motorised bicycles are permitted for use only on public roads, and should not be used on pedestrian pavements. Anyone found using or keeping an unapproved motorised bicycle may be charged in court and, upon conviction, be subject to a fine of up to S$1,000 or three months’ imprisonment.

For modifying a motorised bicycle illegally, the person found liable would be subject to a fine of S$2,000 or three months’ imprisonment upon conviction.”

(Source: todayonline.com)

Jiahe shared that the battery requires charging for 10 hours, but such a bike is friendly to the environment as it does not produce fumes, unlike motorcycles and cars. Also, despite the 10hrs of charging, it’ll only cost you 20 cents! In Singapore, these bikes are only allowed to go at 25kmh though, so it makes sense only if you need to travel back and forth multiple times within a small area, e.g. if you do food deliveries in the CBD area. 🙂


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