What Makes Happy People Happy?

Some people I meet are just so happy all the time. And I can’t help wondering what’s the secret. Are they on drugs? Can we bottle ‘happiness’ and sell it? So I’ve asked a couple of them, discovered my own secrets to happiness, and in this blogpost, I’m HAPPY (hur hur) to share with you the 4 keys to happiness I’ve discovered. Let’s go…

#1: Have Many Things Which Make You Happy

If you have just 1 thing that makes you happy, you might not be happy very often. For instance, if ONLY becoming a millionaire will make you happy, then for the number of years you take to get to that level, you’ll be unhappy. And if you die without becoming a millionaire, you’ve just led a sad life.

Find joy in as many things as you can. Little kids who smile at me make me happy. Eating ice cream makes me happy. Eating soggy fries makes me super happy. Great books, wonderful conversations, good food, a yummy cup of bubble tea, a funny movie, comments from readers and fans who love what I do, clients who love me, travel, shopping, etc – all these things make me happy.

#2: Be Happy For No Reason

Most people don’t know this. But I was a teacher at an enrichment center before I started work at Adam Khoo’s company. And I taught the most adorable 4 to 6 year olds, who came in to class every single day just brimming with joy. And they can’t tell me why. I ask if it’s because they went to McDonald’s before class. The answer is no. They’re just happy to be in class, happy to be with their friends, and maybe, happy to see me too. 😀

#3: Allow Yourself To Be Happy

Then, of course, I have met some people who are unhappy or just stuck in that middle zone (between feeling happy and feeling unhappy). Some don’t give themselves permission to be happy because of something that happened in the past, something someone (or a fortune teller) said to them, something they are still beating themselves up over, or because they just don’t think they deserve to be happy.

Truth is, all of us deserve to be happy. And in the search for the meaning of life, we are given clues into our life’s purpose. If something isn’t what you’re meant to be doing, you’ll likely not be very happy doing it. Take that as a clue to move on to something else, till you find one that makes your heart sing.

#4: Help Someone Out, Even When You Need Help Yourself

When you help someone, even if you don’t meet the person, you instantly feel good about yourself. And good things will start happening too, miraculously. Give to charity. Volunteer your time, even if you have no money to give. When you are feeling down and out, being able to help someone else will immediately help ‘elevate’ your position. You don’t feel powerless anymore. You feel empowered.

Give – every time you get an opportunity.


Someone bought my $22 ‘Blogging For A Living’ book today and gave me $30. I didn’t have change for him – I said I can do a bank transfer to him later. He told me to donate the change to charity instead.

 House Of Joy

Later on, I spotted a booth at Vivocity selling these handicrafts made by the elderly at House of Joy in Mounbatten. And I just wanted to support them in some little way for providing these elders with meaningful activities in their centre.

So I bought $24 (multiplying the book change by 3) worth of gifts for my friends.

It made me happy knowing that I’m contributing to a meaningful cause. I believe it’ll make the book buyer happy that I not only gave away the money on his behalf, but tripled it! Also, I’m sure the elderly folks who pop by House of Joy daily will continue deriving joy from the workshops held at the centre. And I believe the people who receive these handicrafts as gifts will get a slice of the happiness pie too.

Make someone happy today. You cannot put a smile on someone’s face without putting one on yours too. 😀 Go be happy!


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