Review: TruLife’s Herbal System Detox, Collagen Cell Renew & Berry Eyehealth

This post contains not just my review of the products but also some information about what causes stomach bloat. TruLife Herbal System Detox

I was sent the trial kit you see in the picture above, plus a set of the Herbal System Detox (10 bottles). I like how these come in ready-to-drink bottles and contain natural ingredients. Where taste is concerned, I think it generally needs more work.

1) Herbal Detox: You’ll have to drink it in the morning. It actually tastes really nasty, just like herbal medicine. But the good news is you can refrigerate it. Also, if you’re feeling groggy in the morning, this chilled herbal drink will get you instantly alert.

I didn’t notice any weight loss though. Results vary from individual to individual, I guess.

2) Collagen: You drink this at night. It tastes just like jelly in molten form. The taste is more acceptable than the herbal one, for sure.

3) Berry: Drink this whenever you’d like. It tastes the mildest and I can’t say I like this more than the one from BRAND’S but it’s a good effort nonetheless.


Because I’ve been experiencing some stomach bloat, I sent my questions to Mr Foo Vin Wee, TCM Specialist and Head of R&D for TruLife, who shared the following:

Bloatedness is caused by the lack of ‘qi’ in the body. The lack of ‘qi’ can be caused by many different reasons. It can be caused when food does not process smoothly and accumulates in the stomach and intestines. Another common cause is that we do not practise healthy eating habits or [when experiencing] stress. There are many ways of improving ‘qi’ in TCM such as taking herbal medicine to nourish the balance in our bodies. TruLife offers Herbal System Detox, a convenient alternative in the form of ready-to-drink bottles.

Herbal System Detox contains active ingredients such as Green Tea, Lotus Leaves and Hawthorn fruit that helps weight loss. Lotus Leaf extract has been proven to prevent the increase of body weight through the preventive action of formation of fatty tissue. It slows down the absorption of fat and carbohydrates, increases energy expenditure and accelerates metabolism. Hawthorn fruit helps to digest accumulated fatty food and meat.

(Mr Foo has over 25 years of experience in the development of traditional Chinese medicines, health and skincare products)

I definitely have a bad habit of eating too fast. I really do need to learn to slow down so I can chew it all properly and have it digested faster. Maybe, a smaller spoon will do the trick. And I can then say goodbye to bloating. Ha! 😀