Jack Ma: Advice To Women Who Don’t Wish To Work

Jack Ma

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Women Who Do Not Wish To Work Should Do 3 Things:

#1: Look at yourself in the mirror – do you have devastating good looks?

#2: Look at your bank balance – do you have enough in financial assets?

#3: Look at new marriage laws. Marrying a tall, wealthy and handsome man in order to become rich is now a thing of the past. In all matters, rely on yourself.

[Grace: As for this next portion, I’m not sure if it was said by Jack Ma or if it was the article writer’s thoughts. Makes a lot of sense though!]

I admire women who live like this:

1: They think of how to make more money, instead of trying to penny pinch.

2: No matter how angry, they do not scream nor shout, but maintain their cool.

3: They work hard to earn money and pay for whatever they want to buy.

4: Speak less, do more. Don’t sit when you can stand. [Grace: Not quite sure what this one meant]

5: Don’t imagine that you get everything you want when you find a rich guy.

6: If you hate your current job, either you quit, or you shut up and don’t complain.

7: When it’s time, be courageous about letting go.

8: It’s ok to disagree, but learn to show respect.

9: When you cannot decide, let time tell. Just do it first. It’s better to make a mistake than to live with regrets.

10: Demonstrate your good upbringing.

11: It’s important to be pretty, but more important to have a good temperament / disposition.

12: As long as it doesn’t violate your principles, be forgiving, and helpful, don’t force people into a corner, learn how to sincerely admire others (without envy) even though this can be difficult.

13: Don’t be like a prickly hedgehog – avoid making enemies with anyone. Learn to forgive and forget.

14: Money is important, but don’t rely on a man or your parents. You must have your own money-making capability.

15: Don’t think you are indispensable in any group / company. Once you choose to leave, you’ll realize that even without you, the sun continues to rise every day.

16: Let bygones be bygones.

17: Even if you’ve lost everything, never lose your smile.


*Disclaimer: As always, I take no responsibility for any meanings lost in translation. I just thought this would be helpful for people who don’t understand Mandarin. πŸ™‚ If you think it’s good, keep it. If not, move on. πŸ˜€


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