Raising Productivity: How a Small Change Made a Big Difference

Megazip Sentosa

Last month, I went for a Megazip ride after almost 5 years or so since my very first ride there. 😀 I still remember vividly the ex-boyfriend screaming and shivering, which got me so amused that I forgot about my fear of heights. LOL! This time round, I had no boyfriend in tow and it was a little scarier than I remembered.

You basically go from above the treetops, past the trees, fly over the beach, the waters, and finally ‘land’ on a little ‘island’ at the end. I guess it was also scarier this time because I had read about the accident on the Megazip in 2011, when an Australian tourist broke his back after his crash landing when the braking mechanism did not work. So, this time, when I was racing down Imbiah Hill faster than the other two people on the ziplines next to me, I panicked and wondered if the brakes had failed again. Thankfully, they are much safer now as the company has learnt from and moved on from that unfortunate incident.

The operations manager shared with us that previously, queues would snake from the ticketing counter at the top of the hill all the way down, as the ticket processing was slow and inefficient.

Megazip was using a manual system. It was tedious and time-consuming for staff to pre-assign the wristbands to the customers by tallying it with the sales receipt. Also, at closing time, staff had to count the wristbands! Previously, the staff would have to pay for the difference if they issued the wrong wristbands.

The old wristbands in this filing cabinet:

Megazip Singapore

SO many price options – easy to get confused with a manual system:

Megazip Singapore

And where service standards are concerned, what’s different now?

Registration was a breeze as wristbands get printed very quickly:

Megazip wristband

Now they don’t have to do the unnecessary paperwork, as wristbands are printed on demand, and with the time saved, this allows for more focus and time on customer’s safety and improves interaction by 50%. They can now also track visitorship and activities which the customer has signed up for with ease.

So with improved productivity levels, does the company up wages too?

The answer is YES! With an increase in productivity, more customers could be served and thus profits soon increased. In fact, there has been a 24% increase in pay for lower level staff. They also believe that all staff should have equal opportunity to progress up the career ladder, hence internal promotion is also highly encouraged. This concept is not something new. This follows the Progressive Wage Model that NTUC has been advocating for quite some time. With an improvement in productivity and skills upgrading, salary can then increase and career advancement can take place. It may sound complicated, but it’s relatively simple really. The video below will help you to understand it in less than 3 minutes!

Megazip Pricing:

If you are curious about how much the Megazip ride costs per person, it is S$39. You can find the other pricing options and packages here.

Directions to Megazip:

Find out how to get to Megazip here.