Blogging Workshop: How To Monetize Your Blog (*Updated With More Dates!)

4th Blogging Workshop 26 Aug 2012

Don’t get distracted by the title of this post. It’s not all about money, money, money! What I am going to share during the workshop is how you get companies and agencies to pay you for blogposts that you would actually be happy to upload for free.

Essentially, how to stop being a “FREE” blogger, i.e. one who does not get paid for anything, and who is also free to attend any event for free.

~ Testimonials ~

blogging workshop

Wendy: “Concise and to the point! This is a good workshop as I couldn’t find a direct approach on how I can monetize my blog when I did research on the Internet.”

Ziyi: “Dear Grace, thank you for the very informative workshop. It gave a very good overview of things we often just overlook but are actually very important. Will keep the pointers in mind! I definitely feel more reassured now regarding my blog! Thank you!”

Robert: “An eye-opener regarding the blogging community, with an insider take on blog monetization and how to maintain a steady stream of advertisements!”

Steven: “The Blogging For A Living book already revealed many secrets. This workshop is an encore – with additional new secrets!”


The main sponsor for this workshop is BRAND’S.

Date: 12th October, 2014 (registration has closed for this one)

Upcoming Ones: 26th October 2014 (Sun) (OPEN), 9th November 2014 (Sun) (OPEN)

Time: 1100am – 12:00noon

Venue: Somerset (Exact location released only to confirmed participants)

Fee: S$25 (*Non-refundable, Non-transferable)

To book your seat, make payment of S$25 to posb savings 126-85658-0, and send an email to with a snapshot of the receipt, your name, preferred workshop date, mobile number and blog URL.

*All participants will receive goodies from BRAND’S at the workshop 🙂