Ladurée Singapore: Pricey Macarons But Oh So Yummy!

Ladurée Singapore

It’s a Saturday, no doubt. But I still decided to pop by Ladurée at Takashimaya to get some of their famous macarons. Interestingly, despite the snaking queues when it first opened here, there were just 3 people ahead of me at the Ladurée counter on level 1, and when I went to their store on level 2, there were people browsing but no queue!

Unlike Tim Ho Wan’s lasting popularity, Ladurée’s seems more like a flash in the pan. Heh heh. All the better for me – no need to wait in line for long!

After I had made my purchase:

Ladurée Singapore

I paid S$33 for a Napoleon Pink box of 6. Super pricey macarons. They have to be consumed within 3 days but I ate the 6 with the bf in less than, what, 5 minutes?

The permanent flavors are Caramel, Chocolate, Lemon, Raspberry, Pistachio, Rose and Vanilla. And you’ll occasionally get interesting seasonal ones like Marie-Antoinette, Green Apple, Chocolate Bergamot, Lime Basil, Blackcurrant Violet, etc.

Today, I ordered Salted Caramel (delish!), Orange Blossom, Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Venezuela, and Marie-Antoinette Tea (yummy!). The chocolates ones were both good, though I couldn’t tell which is the Venezuela one. LOL!

The macaron shells are incredibly delicate – they crumble when you pinch them just a lil bit. Transporting them to Singapore must be quite a nightmare. The bf does not like sweet stuff as much as I do, but he had to concur that these macarons are really pretty good. I actually do not think they are as sweet as some macarons I’ve tried before. These are just nice. Perfect with some tea, really.

Head to the store on Level 2 and you’ll find scented candles (from S$96), shopping bags (from S$31), jams (from S$23), and these lovely keyrings which cost over S$70 *gulp* …

Ladurée Singapore

Ladurée Singapore

Will I be back for more? Why not, when they have interesting macaron flavors I want to try. But not too often I guess. The TWG macarons cost just S$2 per piece – I’ll go get those next. 😀

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Ladurée Singapore

Contact details for the Ladurée counter on Level 1:

Address: 391 Orchard Road #01-24A, Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Tel: 68847361