My New Wallet: Only One in SG! :D

Maku Store Singapore

Maku Store Singapore

This is my new pastel pink and green wallet from Maku Store Singapore. It also happens to be the only one that Maku Store brought in! That feeling of being the only person in Singapore to own this pretty item… indescribable. Also… #AchievementUnlocked 😀

[And those macarons are from Ladurée – check out this blogpost about them]

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, Maku Store Singapore imports only a few pieces per item. So if you have your eyes on any bag, wallet or tee, just go ahead and buy it. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone else carrying the same item.

Also, while the bags have interesting features, Maku Store’s wallets (maybe just some, not all) come with SIM card slots. Check this out:

Maku Store Singapore

This is really useful when traveling, don’t you think? I’m always terrified of losing my SG SIM card. It’ll be a hassle to get it replaced. Now it’ll always stay safe in my wallet. 😀

Maku Store Singapore

The wallet itself is well-designed, with ample space for cash, so the dollar notes don’t get crushed like in some wallets I’ve used in the past. If you have “OCD” about dollar notes and always want your notes crisp, this is the wallet for you. (But unfortunately, it’s mine. So you hafta pop by Maku Store and find another one just for you. Hehe) The only issue I have with this wallet is the card slot just below the one I’ve used for my IC. That slot is empty ‘cos strangely enough, it’s not big enough for any of the cards to fit into. Other than that, I’m in love with this new wallet.

*Carrying more cash than usual in my wallet because I need to change it for Thai baht for my BKK trip next week. Can’t wait to go shopping there!!!

But wait… there’s more from Maku Store Singapore!

Trade-in Your Old Bag For A New Maku Store Bag!!!

Maku Store Singapore

I don’t know of any other bag store in Singapore that has such a (wonderful) trade-in program! 🙂

If you have an old bag that falls into any of these categories:

1) Sling / Messenger Bag

2) Backpack

3) Ladies’ Shoulder Bag (A4 size or bigger) …

Do a trade-in for a new Maku Store bag at 20% discount. If your old bag happens to be from Maku Store too, you get 30% discount!!!

Maku Store Singapore will then donate the old bags to a local charity. So while Maku Store will accept bags in any condition (e.g. dirtied, broken strap, etc), PLEASE know that the bags will go to charity, so do ensure that your bag is still usable and not falling apart because you’ll want the recipient of your bag to be happy about getting it, right?

Head over to Maku Store Singapore at #03-20 Bugis Junction and reward yourself with a new bag or wallet. Plus, there are lots of freebies, from specially designed folders, to socks and lanyards! Grab them whilst stocks last! Happy Shopping! 😀