Highly Recommended: SHILLS Anti-Blackhead Exfoliating Bubble Facial Scrub




Update (25/10/2014) – I’ve bought a second can of this wonderful scrub! The fiance’s taking the first one. 😀 It’s on sale at John Little (25% discount) so instead of paying S$24.90, I got this for S$18.70. This is how much I like this product – getting another before the first one even runs out!image

I’ve been using this product – SHILLS Anti-Blackhead Exfoliating Bubble Facial Scrub – for about 2 months now. And it is by far the best exfoliating scrub I have ever used. As stated, it really does an amazing job of clearing blackheads and dead skin.

All you need to do is shake the spraycan, spray the foam onto your palm and then massage it onto your face (and neck) in circular motion. Little black “beads” will form – they are supposed to be the dirt, dead skin and blackheads. And what you will get is clean, blackhead-free and acne-free skin.

The scrub also contains active charcoal that “absorbs excess dirt and grease for deep cleansing and whitening effects”. Nice.

I now understand why SHILLS is so popular in Taiwan and why it has been featured on Lady First (女人我最大). Their products really work. And yes, I’ll definitely be getting another can of this bubble scrub when it runs out.

If you are constantly plagued by blackheads, try this product. You can find it at John Little stores.