Quick Guide To The Five Cat Cafes in Singapore (Cat Cafe Comparison Chart)

It was in January this year that I visited Singapore’s first cat cafe. Read my first cat cafe blogpost here. And now, we have FIVE cat cafes in Singapore! Quite hard to believe actually, with SG being so small. It’s amazing how, in a span of barely 9 months, cat cafes have popped up like bubble tea stores. So here’s a quick guide to the five:

singapore cat cafe

Best value for money: Definitely The Cat Cafe as they charge on a per entry basis. And you get a drink too. I think students will have a lot of fun camping here and studying for exams while surrounded by wonderful cat energy.

Cuddles Cat Cafe has 20 cats (more than any of the other cat cafes) but I am concerned about how the cafe is open daily. Don’t the cats need a break from adoring customers? And how about for grooming of the cats and general maintenance of the cafe??? The cafe is open from 11am to 11pm. There’s not much time for cleaning work, it seems. Hmm…

I think cat lovers are certainly spoiled for choice now. It’s good such pet cafes exist as many animal lovers may not have the time or space to keep these pets at home. I, for one, know that keeping a pet is a huge responsibility, kind of like caring for a baby, I guess. I’d happily pay pet cafe owners who take good care of the animals so I don’t have to.

Which of these cat cafes have you visited? Leave me a comment or drop me an email! 🙂


Update: Cuddles Cat Cafe is being investigated for the death of 8 cats, as CNA reported.