Organic Chiffon Cakes from Bud Of Joy

Bud Of Joy

In September last year, I did a review about Bud Of Joy’s organic goodies, and strangely enough, this month is September and I had a craving for those organic chiffon cakes! LOL!

I placed an order for 2 of the Organic Orange Chiffons ($15.50 each), 1 Organic Pandan Chiffon ($16) and the Organic 100% Wholemeal Nutty Choc-chip Cookies ($9). I didn’t expect them to send me two freebies – the Organic Pandana Cake ($15) and Organic Walnut Scones.

*They forgot about the plastic knives I’d requested, but no issue, I used those at home.

There is a current island-wide delivery promo – $8.20 for weekdays and $15 for Saturdays. *Check their website for terms and conditions!

I don’t like scones very much so I can’t tell if these are good or not. But I definitely LOVE chocolate chip cookies so… Bud Of Joy’s really got me disappointed. The cookies were just… flat. Where’s the chocolate? Perhaps 100% dark chocolate is not a good choice, on top of having no sugar added. The bf helped me finish the pack though – he says it is “not the worst” he’s had. Ha!

And… I TOTALLY missed the little instruction on the Organic Pandana Cake and did not refrigerate it. After about 3 days, I found mould growing happily on the cake surface. (@_@) So… no, I have no idea how the cake tastes. 😦

But what I’m really happy with in this order is the Organic Orange Chiffon. I like it more than the Pandan Chiffon actually! The chiffons both smell really good. As I took the boxes out of the plastic bags, I could smell the chiffons already – the orange and pandan scents having permeated the bags.

As my dad was home during the delivery, I had him try the orange chiffon with me. His verdict: “Soft and tasty” (said with a big grin). As for me, I’m thinking that what Japanese cheesecakes have done for ‘cheesecake’, Bud Of Joy has done for chiffon cakes. The chiffons are light and airy, smell really good, and make for guilt-free tea-time indulgences.

Bud Of Joy

Bud Of Joy

I’m definitely going to order more of the chiffon cakes from Bud Of Joy. Hopefully before September 2015! 😀

You can order here too: