Steamed Chicken with BRAND’S Essence of Chicken

Chicken with brand's essence of chicken

I’ve always wanted to try cooking this myself: steamed chicken with essence of chicken. What would it taste like? I found out this afternoon. 🙂

There are many recipes online for this dish but I decided to just use what’s available in my fridge. Only chicken wings and thigh cuts were available so I used those. You can use drumsticks if you’d like.

I placed the chicken on a bed of xiao bai cai, added some prawns by the side, and shitake mushrooms, ginger, and wolfberries on top.

If you like your food well seasoned, you can add some cooking wine, salt or soy sauce, but I decided to just take the healthier route and skip all those, adding just the chicken essence.

It still smells wonderful, and tastes pretty good. People who don’t like chicken essence will probably never realize it went into making this dish.

I might add some sliced red chili and pepper next time for a spicier version of this dish. 🙂

Chicken with brand's essence of chicken