Awfully Chocolate at Vivocity: How Service Standards Have Dropped

Awfully Chocolate - Vivocity

After dinner at Jamie’s Italian (Vivocity), I had ice cream at Awfully Chocolate with my pal Steven and his wife. They shared the chocolate mille crepe while I had hei ice cream, which is my all-time fav.

Awfully Chocolate - Vivocity

It DOES look like a lot of work went into producing the mille crepe. However… it is tasteless. When I tried this after eating my ice cream, I really found this unappetizing. Steven and Melinda didn’t manage to finish this even with my “help”.

And the staff (two young ladies more preoccupied with chatting than serving customers) forgot about my ice cream. Though I had ONLY JUST placed my order. Hmm. I had to walk up to the counter to remind them.

And the ice cream was served like this…

Awfully Chocolate - Vivocity

Yup, that messy tub with a plastic spoon stuck into the ice cream at an odd angle, and with a slash down the middle. *slow clap*

I found the color of the ice cream a shade lighter than usual – they probably added less cocoa this time. It still tastes good though. Better than it looks, for sure.

Will I be back again? Probably not.


Awfully Chocolate seems to have a problem with staffing, or more accurately, staff who don’t give two hoots about good service, or about their jobs.

The last time I had Awfully Chocolate ice cream was at their Tampines One branch. The staff seemed to be ignoring customers because they were so busy chatting. I overheard their discussion about someone’s boyfriend, how they wanted to exchange handphone numbers, and was also made to feel sorry for interrupting their chat. A blunder made while counting out the change for me resulted in me getting a huge discount off my ice cream. Thank you, ladies. You would have noticed me frowning at the change I received if you had not been so eager to leave the counter and resume your chat. Oh well.