Shin Minori Birthday Treat (1-for-1 Buffet) Not The Best Japanese Buffet In Town

Shin Minori has a Birthday special where you get to dine for free on your birthday if you bring a (paying) friend. *You’ll also have to be on their mailing list and print out a voucher and email.

I’ve eaten at Shin Minori previously with a pal. But since the bf wants to try their buffet, we had lunch there on my birthday.


For sashimi, I ordered only the salmon. But he went for a mixture. I took one slice from his platter and promptly spat it out. Because of the overpowering fishy smell. As if it had gone bad. The salmon is fine though.

And that sashimi was not the only thing I had trouble keeping down. The pumpkin chawanmushi and crab bean paste soup (kinda like a bisque) was nasty. Couldn’t eat those either.

What I did like though was the stir fried bean sprouts. I actually ordered two small plates of those.

There is also no dessert on their buffet menu. Not even fruit. And though it was my birthday, nothing special was done. They didn’t even bother to wish me a Happy Birthday. Hmm…

Will I be back again? The answer is obvious.

Shin Minori is also investing in technology. The last time I visited, there were no tablets in sight. This time round, some of the tables came with Samsung tablets for ordering food, while others still used the paper menus.


The buffet lunch costs $34. Green tea (refillable) at $1 per glass. So despite my meal being ‘free’, he still paid 40-odd dollars in the end, including the GST and service charge.

For the variety, quality and service standards, I don’t think it is value for money. Then again, I’m known to be picky about food. Go try it yourself and tell me if you agree with my take on Shin Minori. 😉