Review: Boss Suites Nana Hotel – Bangkok


The hotel looks great in pictures online but it’s actually not that awesome. The bed is huge but hard. And shower facilities are old.


The hotel is pretty far from the BTS station. So they provide a free “tuk tuk” service to Nana BTS station. There’s no particular schedule to this. You can get a ride any time when you are leaving the hotel in the morning, but on the way back, there is no way of knowing when you can hitch a ride back. So we walk.

Grand Sukhumvit is much nearer to the BTS station. Boss Suites is another 10 – 15 minute walk from GS.

The massages here aren’t more expensive than outside the hotel though. So that’s good. 300baht for an hour of foot massage is just what I need after a long day of shopping. Great that I can just head back to the hotel room and wash that massage cream off immediately.


We must have unknowingly booked a hotel in the ‘red light district’. At night, one cannot help but come across streetwalkers at every corner. Others work in pubs and wear the skankiest of outfits while they stand at the door and beckon to passerbys. If you’re a guy in search of nocturnal adventures, you’ll be very happy in Bangkok.


Also, there are mothers (some very young) begging at street corners and on bridges while carrying their infants. It is a sight I don’t see in SG but it is pretty common in BKK. I have so many questions: Where’s the kid’s dad? Why do you have to beg for a living? Why don’t you get a job or start a stall selling something? These questions will probably never get answered.


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  1. Hi Grace, you mentioned that “It does appear to me that it’s a “red light district” all over Bangkok”. That’s quite a sweeping statement and not right to say… I’ve been working in Bangkok for the past 2 years and I can tell you that Bangkok is not all sleaze. It’s just that your hotel of choice happened to be in one of these sleazy places. Nana area is one of the worst places to stay in. Too many sex tourists stay there, esp Boss Suites. There are tons of very good hotels at very reasonable prices…some are just next to the BTS station. You can try Mode Sathorn the next time you come…it’s just beside Surasak BTS station, which is about 4 stops from Siam Paragon. Room rates start from about S$80 to $100.

    There are of course other hotels that are cheaper but still wholesome and friendly. If you need recommendations, just let me know.

    • Thanks for sharing, Gabriel. I have updated this post. It was wrong to assume that since Grand Sukhumvit was not sleazy, that Boss Suites, just 10 minutes away would be the same. I guess that’s why I didn’t spot any families staying in this hotel. Unfortunately, there was no way we could have known from the pictures online when we were booking the hotel. It looked like a really nice hotel.

      Thank you for your recommendation!

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