Bangkok: Pat Pong Night Market and Ping Pong shows


Pat Pong is really intriguing. It has a night bazaar but is also infamous for its nightlife. We went there rather early in the evening. Some of the clubs seemed like they were not yet ready for business but touts were everywhere – from the BTS station exit till the end of the night bazaar stretch.

Both male and female touts will approach to entice you to pick one of the “shows” / “看表演”.

The “menu” they present involves words like “ping pong”, “p***y” and even “man and woman make love”.

We walked past one club with its doors wide open and saw at least 5 scantily-dressed ladies pole-dancing. But walk into the dark abyss, we dared not.

Besides, I do not believe in encouraging businesses which exploit women.

Even if you are not interested in thai girls and what they do with ping pong balls, you can still head to pat pong for the restaurants and the night market.

The night bazaar is in the middle, between the row of restaurants on the left and the clubs on the right. Strangely enough, there is a Naraya outlet there and it has no queue at the cashier. Best place to get Naraya souvenirs in Bangkok probably!

I guess Pat Pong is an interesting place to people-watch, from the safety of restaurant premises.

A friend once shared that at one show he watched in Thailand with his wife, the ladies simply bathed before the guests. And he did share that you must know the ‘right’ places to go to so they don’t harass you for more money after you’ve paid for and consumed that mandatory first drink.

As for me, I’d rather spend that money on shopping. 😉