World Ventures: “Selling Tshirts”, Nothing Illegal

I was on holiday recently when someone sent me a link via Facebook regarding World Ventures in Malaysia. We had a good laugh at the article in which someone tries to cover his a** by saying they are not a travel company, don’t do anything illegal, and are only trying to sell tshirts. Seriously?! You need to come up with a better story, mister. -> Read the article on The Rakyat Post here. Also, I’ve been receiving a number of comments on my first World Ventures blogpost here, from people sharing about their encounters with WV reps in Singapore (even one local female celebrity). Thankfully, I don’t get anymore requests to meet up from WV reps – I guess they have all read my blogposts, because now they are even telling people not to google about WV.

The latest comment on my first WV blogpost:

“just sharing my recent experience with a celebrity WVer. i’ll begin from how i got to know WV all the way to the end of a sharing session. not gonna jump to conclusions from the onset so you can be the judge.

=== a friend of mine shared with me about WV when we talked about travelling in one of our conversations over lunch. he didnt mention the company’s name or details, just the idea of an exclusive travelling club with good deals. i tried asking for more details but he would avoid answering by saying everything will be explained during a sharing session if im keen. he wasnt pushy though, so we scheduled an appointment for the sharing session. the sharing session itself was held at a global coffee chain in orchard. i met with my friend, headed over to the location and this was when i was name-dropped that a local female celebrity (her name is mentioned somewhere above on this page) will be presenting to me. got to say this added credibility (or so i thought). when i got there, she was flanked by 2 other guys who i later found out was part of her team of underlings in WV. so we got through the presentation done by her underling on a laptop (she was busy with someone else at this point) and then came the usual Q&A for them to overcome our objections. she joined back in at this juncture. with my friend on the WV team, i was on a 1 versus 4 situation at our table. i have to say this was one of the most unpleasant Q&A sessions i’ve ever experienced. she was loud and blunt, presumably to portray her status as the leader of the WV team, and was uncouth in her mannerisms throughout. she got downright rude when i mentioned that i needed time to think about it and to do my personal research, since joining them would be a significant time/money commitment. i suppose fearing that i would discover negative things on the web about WV, she started questioning me in very sarcastic ways about my ability to think for myself and needing to follow the things that random haters say on the internet (funny i had no idea these existed till she said it). what she failed to understand though – perhaps blinded by her quest to recruit more unsuspecting underlings or due to her shortcomings in intellectual reasoning – was that i was exercising my ability to think for myself at that very moment, by not blindly following what i was told and feeling the need to verify with more information from other sources. she then put forward with much passive aggression that she wants decisive people in her team, but again, failing to understand the meaning of decisiveness as there is a very thin line separating decisiveness and making uninformed decisions. she reiterated that they represent the truth about WV, which was my cue to end the session, by asserting that i will have to get back to them. pleasantries were exchanged with her underlings while she sulked like a spoiled child and attempted to take a final jab at me with a no-eye-contact-dragged-out-monotonous ‘byeee…’. upon reflection, her attempts to embarrass me with rhetorical questions so that i would succumb to her pressuring tactics was primitive at best. not exactly the classiest person you will meet. surprising if you consider her local celebrity status (hopefully just that one bad apple). my friend later told me she immediately spoke to him within their WV team that i was a very negative person and not to listen to my words. i appreciate him revealing to me private information that spoke volumes about the culture within WV, or at least the one under the this particular local female celebrity.”


At the end of the day, folks, you decide. Listen to me? I have nothing to gain from you joining or not joining WV. Or listen to the WV folks, who can sometimes go overboard with pressure tactics, and of course, want you to join their downlines.

After all, they are just selling tshirts. 😉