Adidas-Inspired Photoshoot with Maku Store Singapore Backpack :D

Maku Store Singapore

I got inspired by an Adidas campaign on my recent trip to Thailand. So I came back and went for this photoshoot on a whim. The backpack is from Maku Store Singapore. It was what I brought with me to Bangkok for my shopping trip. 🙂

It’s super roomy, with two side pockets for waterbottles and/or a foldable umbrella. In this next picture, you see my 1-litre Nalgene waterbottle, which doesn’t usually fit into many side pockets of backpacks ‘cos of its size. No trouble here; fits snugly and doesn’t fall out even during a jumpshot:

Maku Store Singapore

I’d initially thought the design was rather awkward: what’s that topmost compartment for? Then I realized the sheer genius behind it.

With backpacks, it is usually a hassle to unbuckle it all and release the straps before you can reach your passport, sunglasses, tissues, notebook, etc. But I can put all these into the topmost compartment and get them out any time I want! It’s spacious and just one zip separates me from what I want to get out of my backpack.

Maku Store Singapore

Check out Maku Store at #03-20 Bugis Junction for backpacks, wallets, totes, handbags, tees, luggage, and more! *Get 15% discount by showing that you are a fan of my facebook page!

[Lots of thanks to my dear photographer friend, Max Clyne, from Max Clyne At Work Pte Ltd, for braving the rain and lightning for this photoshoot! You’re the most professional, talented and obliging photographer I know! I promise not to put your life in similar danger again! :D]


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