‘Top Gemstones for Investment’ – A Workshop by Hiranya Tangsubkul

Top Gemstones for Investment

Last weekend, I attended the ‘Top Gemstones for Investment’ workshop, which was held ahead of the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2014 (happening on 23rd – 26th October at Marina Bay Sands). At this insightful workshop, Ms Hiranya Tangsubkul from Thailand shared with us valuable tips regarding investing in these precious gemstones. Anya (as she is more fondly known) is the Head of Design and Business Development at ABC Jewellery & TREZ Jewellery (Thailand), and author of Diamond & Gemstone and Gemstones Handbook.

I also got to speak with her after the workshop and find out which pieces she holds close to her heart:

Grace and Anya

One piece of jewellery which never fails to make her smile is her engagement ring:

Anya's ring


At this workshop, Anya was candid about how gemstone jewellery offers a type of “wearable investment” but has a limited number of trading markets, poor liquidity and also requires a fair amount of experience to trade profitably.

Hence, here is your crash course on investing in gemstones…


3 Things To Keep In Mind When Investing In Gemstones:

1) Constantly refresh your gemstone market knowledge, at trade shows for instance.

2) Get a matching pair (e.g. earrings and bracelet) for better resale value. Build value through strategic purchasing and jewellery setting.

3) Know that this is a long-term investment which could span 5 years or more, and sometimes extend to beyond one generation.


What Does Gemstone Investment Entail?

1) Investors keep jewellery in case other investments fail. If it is necessary, he will let go of the lower quality piece first.

2) Prize quality over quantity.

3) Be patient. Only buy if you can find top quality gemstones at reasonable prices, e.g. if there is a new mine find.

4) Professional setting of the stones can make it more valuable.

5) Take care not to put pieces next to one another to prevent scratches.

6) Don’t expect to resell at retail price unless you sell to the end consumer or auction houses. Jewellers have to get their cut.


Top 3 Gemstones For Serious Investors:
*Tip: Don’t buy colorless diamonds now because prices have been fluctuating and because of the incidence of synthetic diamonds, which can be made in any size and quality!

1) Blue and Pink Diamonds

2) Rubies – If you can get top quality rubies for a good price, go ahead and buy. *Those which are larger in size are usually of lower quality.

3) Emeralds


The Top 3 Heirloom Gemstones:

1) Blue Sapphire

2) Colored sapphire: *Pink Sapphire can be purchased at lower prices outside the auction house

3) Garnet


General Questions To Ask When Buying Gemstones:
1) Has it been treated? Is the treatment permanent?

2) How do I take care of this piece?

3) Where is it from?

Anya shared with us about her Aquamarine Gemstone purchase story. She bought 30 stones from a person she has been trading with for a very long time – issued him a cheque and all. But she later found out that those were not gemstones; they were made of glass. Moral of her story: Look at the stone, then the certificate, and see if they match. If you have any doubt at all, don’t go for it.


Final Tips:

Go for quality, not quantity.

Jewellery with a nice design and a beautiful name tend to get sold faster.

Jewellery setting is important, e.g. the surrounding stones must make the center stone look nicer.

{ 2 Samples From The Workshop }

Blue Sapphire

28.26carat Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka

Retail Price: S$560,000 – S$580,000


9.17 carat Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring: S$380,000

Find these pieces and more at the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2014 (23rd – 26th October at Marina Bay Sands), which will showcase over 2 billion dollars worth of gemstones and jewellery! Fashion jewellery and synthetic diamonds are rejected, so you are ensured of quality here. There is also the GIT on-site laboratory service, to give you peace of mind, and workshops to attend so you can learn more about GIA and GIT certification.

*Tip: Put the gemstones side-by-side under the same lighting when you are making comparisons.

For more information: http://singaporejewellerygemfair.com/


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  1. Excellent post and I would like to add some more information here, as you informed Rubies are one the stones for perfect investment so I would say Rubies from Burma (Pigeon blood) are great investment. When we talk about emerald then Colombian emeralds and Ceylon blue sapphire are evergreen stones. What are your thoughts on information I wrote?

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