Is Zoe Tay Even On Instagram?!

Zoe Tay instagram

So I spotted this ad on Facebook today and TOTALLY had to leave a comment to ask if Zoe even has an Instagram account, much less one that has helped “Over 11,000 Women Lose Weight”. *lmao*

I stalk follow many celebs on Instagram (people like Sharon Au, Felicia Chin, Jeanette Aw, even Pan Lingling! And I have NOT come across Zoe’s instagram account. Is there something I am missing here? 😉

And my goodness, though it is just one short ad, a grammar Nazi would have a field day with it.

“The few detail advice Zoe was able to share has helped so many mum’s and daughters reach their goals.”

-> Should have been “The detailed advice that Zoe shared has helped so many mums and daughters reach their goals” and even then, it is not saying very much. Kind of like a lot of fluff.


“Zoe Tay Shed Tears On Instagram Because She So Happy to Help Over 11,000 Women Lose Weight!”

I think there’s a missing “Was” in the sentence above. I doubt she actually helped anyone lose weight because I am a huge fan of her acting and I have not heard of her helping anyone lose weight.

So guys, the next time you see such an ad, question it. 😉 And there are only 2 methods (known to mankind) for losing weight:

(1) Diet & Exercise

(2) Liposuction

Zoe’s “few detail advice” is not one of them. 😉