Online Vigilantism At Its Best? SMRT Ltd (Feedback) vs Jover Chew

All of a sudden, just about everyone in Singapore knows who Jover Chew is. We even know what his mobile number, IC number and address is. And we ALSO got to see his topless and rather unflattering pictures (not that we had wanted to). All thanks to SMRT Ltd (Feedback)’s facebook page.

Jover Chew

I don’t know what the folks behind that page do for a living, but I am impressed. How did they manage to find out all that information, which also includes the full name and IC number of Jover’s wife?! Wow. Jover’s phone must be ringing off the hook from calls from netizens and reporters. Fortunately for him, he owns a shop selling mobile phones in Sim Lim Square. 😉

Apparently, food orders (for a reported 50 pax) were placed with Pizza Hut and McD on Jover’s behalf too. Will he be paying for the food with coins? 😉

~ Food For Thought ~

1) Is This A Good Prank?

It seems pretty hilarious to send Jover a lot of food he has not ordered but one does have to pity the delivery guys, who might not get any payment from him. Perhaps the ‘Purge Prank’ folks from MerlionTV might finally be able to do something useful? 😛

We definitely need to purge unscrupulous business owners from Sim Lim Square. Over a decade ago, I worked there during the school holidays and it was still a decent shopping spot for tourists and Singaporeans alike. Even JJ Lin shopped there!

2) Are Netizens Being Too Harsh On Jover?

Make a customer get on his knees and beg for his money back while staff laugh away? It’s mind-boggling. To make a tourist beg for his money back in Singapore, and have that video go viral? It’s unforgivable. Singapore’s reputation as a great tourist destination is going down the drain, no thanks to Mobile Air.

When I saw a popular blogger in Thailand sharing this news on facebook, I’m thinking “Uh oh. Bad rep for SG”.

Thankfully, we have good folks in Singapore helping to make this right for the Vietnamese tourist. Gabriel Kang’s crowdfunding project to get him an iphone 6 (and perhaps a lot more now) has raised over US$10,000! You can chip in here.

3) What Should Jover Do?

Man up and step forward to rectify things. Don’t disappear and let your wife bear the brunt of the netizens’ fury. Do the right thing.

Whatever netizens have contributed towards paying for an iphone 6 for the tourist, offer to match it dollar for dollar, if not more.

Then respectfully request for your family members’ particulars to be removed.

Go into hiding now and it’ll take even longer for this to blow over. Assuming the Vietnamese tourist comes back to Singapore again, upon our invitation, people will still want to know “Where is Jover Chew?!” 😛