Book Review: ‘Playing Big’ by Tara Mohr (Update: Giveaway!!!)

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Playing Big

If you liked Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’, you’ll love Tara Mohr’s ‘Playing Big’. I found my personal and professional coach within the 258 pages of this book. This is a book by a coach who knows intimately the struggles that many women have gone though. And any modern woman will find this book immediately relatable.

The most valuable takeaway from this book (for me) is how to move from self-discipline to self-care. Instead of berating myself for (yet again) messing up my work desk, I set a “Gift-Goal” to keep my desk organized enough so it supports the serenity I want every day. Trust me, it is quite a miracle to have my desk not messy.

Interesting how this little switch from faulting myself for being messy and disorganized to being supportive and giving myself this little gift of a neat desk every day is so easy yet so complex. Complex because I’ve never thought of it this way. I’ve just labeled myself as being the “messy, creative sort” all along, and hence, just kept my desk messy in a self-perpetuating way.

In this book, you’ll learn too:

1) How to listen to your inner mentor instead of your inner critic

2) 15 simple tools for moving out of fear and into a different state of being

3) How to unhook from praise and criticism and to no longer depend on others’ positive feedback or fear their disapproval

4) How to change the way you feel about “self-promotion”

5) The 10 common undermining speech habits that women have

6) 8 ways to recognize your callings

Tara Mohr Playing Big

All in all, it’s one of the best books I’ve read this year. You definitely should get a copy too.

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Winner announcement: 20 Nov 2014

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: ‘Playing Big’ by Tara Mohr (Update: Giveaway!!!)

  1. I would like to learn ‘8 ways to recognize your callings’ since each one of us has a special calling within us but we need to search deep down inside us to find the one that strike us most.

  2. Wow, thanks a bunch for this giveaway, Grace! I’d like to learn ’15 simple tools for moving out of fear and into a different state of being’. I could really use this as I tend to overthink. And it’s a shame, because everyone has so much potential for positive things. (The brain doesn’t have a lot of rent space.) I should really use these tips to learn how to come out of my shell and not be afraid of the future. 🙂

  3. I believe words have power and “The 10 common undermining speech habits that women” have will definitely make a significant impact to readers’ lives.
    Thank You Grace for the sharing and keep up the good work~!! 🙂

  4. I would want to learn “How to listen to your inner mentor instead of your inner critic” to help myself to become a truly positive thinking parent. I believe this will have a significant impact on my parenting skills and communication methods with my children. Children reflect who we are.

  5. I would like to learn the tools for moving out of fear and into a different state of being and also what it means to recognize my own callings.

  6. I would like to be motivated to move out of my “fear” to pursue my dreams and goals because I believe its this fear that is holding me back.

  7. I really would like to get 4 of these books for my team leaders so that we can persevere to our fullist in 2015. Our Vivi Owner – had this book at our Fashion Week last week and i cannot wait to dive into it. I really want all the leaders on my team to experience this book.

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