Interview with Mandy Yap from MegaMax Global

Mandy Yap

Mandy has been in the real estate business for over 6 years – from being a ‘part-time’ agent to setting up her own agency. What sets her apart from many agents and bosses in this line is her stand on going by the book, and especially in ensuring her agency fully meets the CEA requirements.

Quite the consummate salesperson, I was also told that within one month, Mandy managed to ‘close’ 45 units in their Philippines project (The Rise Makati)! She is definitely someone whom newbie agents (and even more experienced ones) can learn from.

1) The real estate business is a very lucrative one. How do you select the right agents to work with, and sieve out the ‘black sheep’?

Our team of associates is small but we treasure ‘quality agents’. Also, we set the tone right, from the management level downwards.

For example, with the Bayshore in the Philippines, which was strategically situated next to a casino, we could not put out advertisements, and we did not have the licence to sell those properties. All we could do was watch as it got sold out 100% within a week!

Some see it as a missed opportunity, but we do our checks and have safeguards in place. We feel safer about taking calculated risks. We constantly share our knowledge and any investment opportunities we spot with our pool of investors and associates.

2) How would you define ‘quality agents’?

People with the ‘heart’ and ‘passion’ for this line of work. Yes, your ‘rice bowl’ may come first but we treasure associates who grow together with the company.

We provide a commission-based platform for associates to train with us, take on international projects and offer them room to ‘grow’. In big companies, these associates will not be able to be in-charge, but here, we offer them these valuable opportunities IF they have the passion for what they do.

3) Why did you decide to set up your own agency, though, when you could have remained an agent and still make good money?

I’m in my late thirties already. And I wanted to set up something I like as I hold the necessary qualifications. If I miss this opportunity to start something I can call “my own agency”, it might be too late in future.

4) Tell me more about your ‘Investor Club’.

We have about 200 investors in our club now. There is a monthly networking session, with updates on property trends in the overseas markets and changes in rulings. We offer our investors first-hand information based on our close relationships with developers.

Just as we take care of our associates, we take care of our investors as well. When our directors spot a property with good growth potential, we share this within the club.

5) What is the entry criteria for joining this Investor Club?

Anyone who is keen can get in touch with us. We have bi-monthly investor and agent overseas trips to check out these properties as well as to educate our investors on what to look out for.

We are open with sharing what we know and this has even created new ‘competition’ for us. So now we let parties involved sign an agreement form. 🙂


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